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More than your average cuppa

29th August 2013 Print
Tea drinker

Health food experts Natur Boutique have launched a new range of teas that are set to stir up excitement amongst the health conscious as they hit shop shelves this month. Each is organic and has been carefully developed by a team of expert blenders and nutritional experts to not only taste great, but to have a host of benefits to boot. With five unique blends in the range there is sure to be something for everyone.


Natur Boutique’s Diet tea blend combines four different teas that are known to help complement dieting, each thought to aid weight loss in a different way. These include

Green tea have become famed for it’s potential weight loss benefits, whilst pineapple is packed with a natural substance called Bromelain that has been shown in studies to exhibit an apparent ability to slow down the growth and multiplication of fat cells. Java tea isn’t normally associated with weight loss, but recent research shows it appears to be able to help reduce body weight, appetite and fat levels and hibiscus tea is added for yet another potential weight loss mechanism and it is thought to help block the uptake of carbohydrate by the body.


Lemongrass tea may be a relatively unknown drink in the UK, but it has a long history of use in parts of Asia, where it is not only drunk for its great taste, with hints of citrus, mint and ginger, but also to aid relaxation.

New research, recently published on the plant, seems to back up these age old beliefs. The plant takes its flavour due to its high content of a natural substance called citral, which studies have shown is capable of helping certain muscles relax.


Natur Boutique’s organic ginger tea is quite simply in a league of its own when it comes to taste.

Even for the most avid ginger lover a normal cup of ginger tea can be a little overpowering, as the root can impart a slightly bitter taste, which is why most producers mix it with green or hibiscus tea.

Natur Boutique’s tea is unique in that it is 100% pure organic ginger, with nothing added and nothing taken away. Despite this the tea has a subtle sweet taste with no bitterness at all and a warming and stimulating after effect that will have you reaching for it again and again.


Natur Boutique’s world famous tea is now organic. It has been seen that artichoke extracts could help ease IBS symptoms and Natur Boutique’s tea is one of Europe’s leading brands of artichoke tea*. The tea has now had a makeover and as well coming in stylish sophisticated packaging it’s also organic meaning it could not only help your tummy, but the environment too.  


A zesty green tea, which, through combining organic green tea with organic lemongrass, packs an anti-oxidant punch that will also tantalise your taste buds.

The full range of teas are now available through selected health stores or online at, where each costs just £2.99.

* Please note: Pregnant and breast feeding women should seek advice from their doctors before using artichoke extracts or herbal teas in general. Artichoke leaf extract should not be taken in the presence of gallstones or other bile duct occlusion, due to its bile stimulating effects.

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Tea drinker