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Scrubba wash bag for Christmas?

13th September 2013 Print

Do you know an adventurous traveller, a keen camper or simply someone who prioritises off-the-beaten-track culture and experiences over five-star facilities? This year, give them the ultimate Christmas gift - the Scrubba wash bag - the award-winning laundry-in-a-pocket gadget that’s revolutionising the way people travel.

Based on an old-fashioned washing technique - the traditional washboard - The Scrubba fuses old and new technology by integrating a flexible modern washboard made of hundreds of resilient Scrubba washing nodules inside a high-tech watertight bag. This summer, independent product testing revealed that a three-minute Scrubba wash is twice as effective as hand washing and on a par with the performance of a full washing machine cycle.

Now available in a fresh green colour and packaged in recycled materials to promote its environmental credentials, the Scrubba requires a minimal amount of water and cleaning liquid, uses no electricity and helps avoid unnecessary pollution. The Scrubba continues to be a great way to save energy, to cut CO2 emissions and to enable users to ‘travel green’.

The Scrubba is endorsed by author and explorer Benedict Allen, who says: “Once in a while comes along an ingenious little device that can make all the difference to the traveller: the Scrubba wash bag is one such device. With this mobile, virtually weightless washing machine, scrubbing clothes while 'on the go' becomes convenient - you can do it anywhere there is water. However, the key to its success, like all the best travel kit, lies in it being multi-purpose.

It serves as a wet bag for soiled or washed clothes, it serves as a dry bag. It serves as a water carrier - and of course to ferry polluting, soapy water away from any sacred or sensitive site. It even serves as entertainment - my little daughter loved scrubbing my socks in it.”

In summary, the Scrubba wash bag is: 

Cheaper than using local laundrettes 
More effective than hand washing 
Quicker and less messy than cleaning clothes by hand 
100% portable; extremely light at less than 180g 
Promotes green travel 

For more information, visit The Scrubba retails at £43 including P&P. Team it with The Scrubba Kit, which includes a peg-free clothes line and microfibre towel for drying clothes, available for £69 in total.