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An expedition to the tribes of remote Brazil

7th October 2013 Print

Bespoke Brazil, the specialist Brazil tour operator, launches an expedition to the tribes of the Kaxinawa of western Brazil. An exciting itinerary for those looking to really get off the beaten track to an area few tourists visit in Brazil.

On this 10 day itinerary clients will experience a remote area of Brazil, unknown to the majority of the western world and gain an insight to The Kaxinawa tribe or Huni Kui, meaning True People, who inhabit the Amazon forest close to the Peruvian border in the state of Acre, in western Brazil. During this itinerary clients will visit 7 villages in two indigenous lands: the Kaxinawa of the Tarauaca River and the Kaxinawa of Jordão River. If you are looking for a truly unique experience in Brazil, away from the tourist trail then this itinerary may be ideal.

The Kaxinawa are a tribe of 5550 people who pride themselves on their strong cultural identity, while maintaining contact with the "white people" who they first encountered in the late nineteenth century. Still much of their culture is secretive such as their knowledge of language, painting, art and traditional medicine. Children learn to speak Portuguese when they are about 11 years old and the official language spoken between the Kaxinawa is hãtxa kui.

"If you are looking to get away from it all then this itinerary offers an exciting insight in to one of the more remote tribes of Amazonia", so says director Simon Williams.

"Don't expect a high degree of luxury on the trip though", says Simon "and during the expedition you will sleep in stay in the local homes of the Kaxinawa in hammocks where all meals are provided."

The Kaxinawa have a strong influence from the Inca kingdom due to its proximity to Peru, especially on clothes and body paintings with geometric shapes known as Kenes. The Indians of Acre had a peaceful relationship with the Incas and would trade with the Indians of the Andes, where medicinal plants were exchanged for salt and other products from the highlands.

Due to the remote area in which the Kaxinawa live a light aircraft flight is required to reach the small town of Jordão from where you can board boats to reach the tribal villages. The expedition can be done at any time during the year however the best time is between May and November when water levels are higher in the rivers.

The trip can be combined with other destinations in Brazil which we can arrange and is ideal for friends or small groups and the cost based on 2 people travelling is £2460 per person.

The price does not included international flights however does include the following;

Internal flights from Rio Branco to Jordão
Return private air taxi flights between Jordão and Rio Branco
Private airport transfers
2 nights at Hotel Inacio in Rio Branco with breakfast
1 Nights at Hotel Ferreira in Jordão
6 nights in the local houses of the Indian communities in hammocks
Contributions for each village that we stay at
All meals during the trip to the tribal villages, full board equivalence.( Prepared by the indigenous tribes)
Extra provisions for breakfast and snacks.
An English speaking guide/tour leader.
An indigenous local guide.
Activities, hikes and visits during the trip.

To learn all about the trip, visit

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