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Curry cleanser

30th October 2013 Print

Turmeric may be best known as an ingredient used in Asian cooking, but recent studies have shown it should be in our diets this festive period for reasons other than taste.

Alongside its taste and colorant properties, turmeric has long been used in traditional Indian medicine and now new research has shown that it could help protect the body from the excesses of Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Recent studies have shown that the spice has powerful cleansing properties  that could help protect our bodies, but perhaps most relevant for the coming months are new findings that show turmeric can help protect our livers from some of the damage caused by alcohol and high fat diets.

Researchers showed that when mice where given alcohol and a high fat diet curcumin, the active component found in turmeric, helped counter fat accumulation in the liver when compared to those animals not given the extract. Furthermore, in those animals taking curcumin it was seen that the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase was seen to be more active – this enzyme is responsible for helping breakdown alcohol in the liver and thus prevent tissue damage.

So if you’re looking to give your body a helping hand throughout the festive period then start tucking into some winter curries or, if curries aren’t your thing, why not try a turmeric supplement.

Fito Organic Turmeric Capsules

Some of the most potent, purest and best value turmeric capsules available, fito’s organic turmeric capsules are suitable for vegetarians and contain a whopping 10,000mg of the spice extract per capsule.

From the lowlands of Vietnam, the turmeric in the capsules has been grown without pesticides and there isn’t an additive, flavouring or preservative in site.

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