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Kiwi Experience calls for past passengers to share trip photos

7th March 2014 Print

This year, New Zealand’s original hop-on hop-off bus travel network, Kiwi Experience, is celebrating its 25th birthday. To honour this milestone, the company has created a #KiwiEx25Years photo album on its facebook page to invite past passengers to share their photos and favourite memories since the first bus set off across New Zealand back in 1989!

Past customers are being asked to submit group photos from their Kiwi Experience trips to the facebook timeline or on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #KiwiEx25Years and then tag their fellow travellers to encourage them to do the same.

The initial aim of the game is to track down at least one photo per year for the last 25 years and in time create a nostalgic photo album and reunite friends who travelled together years before. Unlike other group touring companies, Kiwi Experience doesn’t transport travellers from just point A to point B. Its hop-on, hop-off nature means that the passengers on board change regularly, producing an ongoing chain of travellers, with new memories, adventures and friendships created at every stop. Therefore as the photos keep coming in, and with the help of the ‘mutual friends’ application on facebook, the reunion campaign has a ‘25 years/degrees of separation’-style element with the potential to connect a whole stream of passengers that have travelled with Kiwi Experience over the last quarter of a century.

Since its first tour departed back in 1989, the iconic green Kiwi Experience buses have travelled over 20 million miles across New Zealand’s North and South islands giving approximately 400,000 travellers the trip of a lifetime and earning the network’s Driver Guides a legendary status amongst backpackers globally.

The last 25 years have seen the perm come and go, the dawn of digital photography, dungarees go out of fashion and then return under the guise of ‘retro’, and the explosion of the phenomenon that is social media. Meanwhile, Kiwi Experience continues to provide the same great value and unforgettable New Zealand travel experiences it has always offered.

Kiwi Experience will continue to gather past passengers’ photos throughout their 25th birthday year to add to the #KiwiEx25Years photo album which will in turn help to show future passengers just what they’ve been missing!

For more information on Kiwi Experience visit:

Become a fan on facebook, follow Kiwi Experience on twitter and look out for posts featuring #KiwiEx25years to celebrate Kiwi Experience’s 25th birthday!