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High stakes in the dating game - How to pick a real winner when you’re looking for love!

28th February 2014 Print

The dating game is very much like a sport; there are winners and losers, everyone keeps score and, most of the time, it is done in front of crowds of people. If the idea of trying your luck at dating a sexy sports player terrifies you, don’t worry! This guide will tell you everything you need to know about how you can win big every time and bag yourself that handsome sporty boyfriend.

The Rugby Romantic

If you are searching for that burly hunk of a man who will lift you onto his shoulders and carry you off, then the Rugby Romantic is the man for you. The only thing stronger than his muscles is his heart as Rugby players love deep and passionately so the rule here is to try, try and try again! A girl who can show off her hidden depths will be the one to catch this gentleman’s eye, so wow him with your intelligence and charm and he’ll be putty in your hands. Rugby Romantics can be gentle giants once you get close to them and still want a caring lady who is as devoted to them as they are to her. Once you’ve been in a scrum with a Rugby Romantic, you won’t ever want to leave.

The Professional Poker Player


This cool customer knows how to play the game and comes across as someone who holds all the cards. However, if you want to break the ice with a man like this, you’re going to have to play all the right moves. He is looking for a sophisticated woman who knows how to dress for every occasion and can pick out her Moet from her Chardonnay. Occasionally, you may come across a Professional Poker Strategy Player who is looking to play a little strip poker on the side; just remember to play it cool and keep your cards close to your chest – the art of undressing your opponents could become a lot of fun! But don’t be fooled into thinking looks are everything; he also wants a woman who is intelligent, sassy and a little bit adventurous. Dating is a high stakes game and he is playing to win.

The Football Fan-Tastic


If you want to become the ultimate football player’s girlfriend, there are a few simple rules you need to follow. First of all, get enthusiastic about his passion as much as he does! Live and breathe the game by joining in when he practices, even if it is just throwing the ball around the yard. You could also curl up on the sofa next to him when he’s watching his favourite team on TV. Second, you should always be supportive, especially if his team loses. You’ll find he won’t mind any kind of fumble if it is coming from his favourite girl after a particularly grueling game. And finally, bring you’re a-game every time you see him, whether it’s out with friends, at a party or even in the bedroom! Spice things up by donning his jersey (and little else) and play as quarterback, with him as your wide receiver, and go for the touchdown!

The Hockey Hunk

Be proud of your man at all times. Hockey players get roughed up when they play but he’ll still want you to throw your arms around him once he comes off the ice. Being the perfect hockey girlfriend is all about dedication and devotion so support him and his team fiercely! Make banners for every game and shout your heart out from the stands and, when you’re along together in the bedroom, wear his team shirt with pride! Next, you should feed him and his team where possible. Hockey works up an appetite and you’ll earn yourself a special place in his heart if you are standing there post-game with a tray of hearty treats for him and his team mates. And finally, know the game! It is vital that you know the ins-and-outs of hockey before you even think of approaching a hockey hunk. Do your homework and learn the strategies, game plans and history – recent surveys show that nearly half of all men find potential mates highly attractive when they know plenty of sports trivia. Get your research ready so you can drop in a golden nugget of knowledge into any conversation.

The Surfer Stud


Cool and collected, the Surfer Stud will carry your heart away with the tide. You must love the great outdoors if you want this man on your arm, so grab your sunscreen and show off your beautiful bikini body. This man doesn’t want a girl who will be fussing over make-up and frizzy hair all day so make sure you go au naturel for this handsome sports enthusiast. Get some surfing lessons before you head out or you may find yourself out of your depth while you’re trying to reel him in. Stay calm, stay confident and dazzle him with your carefree attitude to really make his heart come all undone and soon you’ll find yourself drifting away in his arms.

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