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Vodafone introduces its fixed price promise

10th May 2014 Print

Vodafone UK is introducing a fixed price promise which confirms that customers will not have to pay any increases in their monthly line rental for their contract term. The promise applies to all Vodafone Pay monthly customers, not just those signing up after 23 Jan 2014 and ensures the monthly mobile or tablet line rental cost will remain the same for the contract term – whether that be over 12 or 24 months. 

Cindy Rose, Consumer Director at Vodafone said, “We asked our customers what they thought was fair when it came to charging, and the clear majority told us that it was unacceptable to increase monthly prices during the contract term. So from now on, when you sign up with us, a deal’s a deal, and we promise the monthly price you pay will stay the same for the period of your contract term, provided you stick within your allowance.” 

In line with Ofcom guidance Vodafone may still change prices outside of the monthly line rental agreement. These would include calls to premium rate numbers, non-geographic numbers and calls, texts and data use outside of allowances as set out in a  customer’s line rental agreement.

However, Vodafone will continue to let customers know of any changes that might affect them in advance to make sure customers don’t suffer from any nasty surprises.