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21st June 2014 Print
Super Energy Mix

If you’re looking for a natural way to boost your performance this summer then the latest offering from health food experts, BodyMe, could be just the helping hand you need to progress your training to the next level.

Super Energy is a new drinks mix from leading health food supplier BodyMe. Their expert team have combined some of the World’s most effective superfoods to create a drinks mix that will boost your energy levels and provide you with important nutrients to aid your performance.

Guarana extract, made from the seeds of the climbing plant, is combined with maca root powder to create a powerful energy boosting combination.

Guarana has a strong stimulatory effect because of its high natural caffeine content, even higher than that of coffee beans. Unlike coffee however, the caffeine in guarana acts gradually in the human body, leading to a more sustained energy boost, which is ideal for endurance exercise.

Maca root has traditionally been used to boost energy levels for centuries and this use has been backed up by modern research, which has shown it improving performance in 40km cycling tests.

These two superfood powerhouses are combined with extracts from the fruits of baobab and lucuma trees and acai berries. These provide important nutrients work to boost your energy levels further; some helping you produce more energy from the food you eat, others helping your body use this energy more effectively.

The result of this incredible super food mix ensures that not only will you get the boost you need to push yourself to the next level, but that there won’t be a preservative, colorant or nasty in sight when you do it, as Super Energy is certified organic.

Easily mixed with water to create a great tasting drink, Super Energy is available from independent health stores or online at and costs just £6.99 for 50g or £19.99 for 250g. Furthermore the powders come in stylist resealable pouches and a donation is made from each sale to Healthy Planet (, so you know you’re not only boosting your performance, but also that of the planet.

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Super Energy Mix