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View from windows important for buyers

23rd July 2014 Print
Walnut Trees Hill: view 1

New homes in Ashbury, Oxfordshire have been designed to give people the best possible view from their windows following trends spotted by Redcliffe Homes.

Sales staff at Redcliffe developments throughout the region noticed that potential buyers always went to the windows to look out when they first look around a home and that what they saw influenced their decision making.

Lorraine Kendrick, Redcliffe’s sales and marketing manager, said: “Design of a new home is not just about the stonework and the kitchen and bathrooms, although they are important. The whole setting of the home is important and people do like to have a good view.

“Walnut Trees Hill in Ashbury nestles within the Downs, which is an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and that has given us the opportunity to enable many of the homes to have views of trees, fields and the wonderful countryside.

“But it is also important for those windows that look out on to the roads and other houses on the development. People want to be able to see a piece of beautiful architecture or a nice garden they have created from their kitchen window if they can’t see fields and trees.

“Our sales staff noticed that although we spend a lot of time on the interior decorations of showhomes most people very early in their viewing go to the window and look out. After all most of us don’t spend time standing outside our houses looking at it, but we do spend time in our homes looking out.”

Walnut Trees Hill is an exclusive community of 10 elegant four and five bedroom detached homes. Inspired by the idyllic vision of the Arts and Crafts movement each is unique and designed by architects to meet individual and changing needs, with the added provision of home-working office suites.

A select number of homes offer sun-rooms and/or a home office, which adds a touch of exclusivity. A large area of public open space and a village shop are being created as an asset for the whole village. Prices start at £659,950 for a five-bedroom home.

The showhome and marketing suite are open Thursday to Monday 10 am to 5 pm.

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Walnut Trees Hill: view 1 Walnut Trees Hill: view 2 Walnut Trees Hill: showhome Walnut Trees Hill: rear view