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Sony launches 'Album of the Day' App for iPhone and iPod touch

15th August 2014 Print

Sony has announced the official launch of its first music flash sales app, Album of the Day, for iPhone and iPod touch. The Album of the Day App allows music fans to access limited time daily offers from artists they know and love.

The Album of the Day App is an easy-to-use iPhone and iPod touch app that gives music fans limited-time access to purchase their favourite artists’ albums at affordable prices. Album of the Day surprises music fans daily with a single album offering, giving fans of all types the opportunity to discover great albums missing from their digital music library.

The new Album of the Day App includes the following features:

Daily Offers: A new album will be promoted every 24 hours, available for purchase at a discounted price up to 70% off, limited for 24 hours. 

App Content: Users can view artist images, read up on the album and preview clips of the tracks from the album instantly. 

Community: Users can spread the word and share access to offers with friends through their social networks.

Checkout: Users can purchase albums using their iTunes account and download albums directly to their iTunes library.

First Access: Users receive a daily push notification with a new offer giving them first access to those offers.

Variety: Albums are culled from a large and iconic library of music featuring different genres across all different eras. 

"We know that music fans today consume their music in a myriad of ways," says Phil Savill, VP Marketing Sony Music Commercial Group.  “Sony Music remains committed to making the consumer experience as easy and enjoyable as possible for them, wherever and whenever they choose. The Album of the Day App offers a great new deal on a featured album every day by well known artists, giving fans the opportunity to download their favourite music directly from the app.” 

The Album of the Day App launch lineup included artists such as Kings Of Leon, Justin Timberlake, One Direction, John Legend, Billy Joel, Simon & Garfunkel, Kelly Clarkson, Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash, P!nk, Bob Dylan,  The Script, Usher, Meat Loaf, Sade, Alicia Keys and more.

The Album of the Day App was first developed by Sony Music Germany and launched there in March 2014 with extremely successful results in just a few months.  Sony Music Entertainment is now bringing the flash sales app to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.

The Album of the Day App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at

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