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Royal Caribbean’s new Quantum class ships takes technology to a new level

26th August 2014 Print
Quantum Class

Royal Caribbean International’s new Quantum class ships take technology to a new level with a whole host of cruise industry firsts including RFID (Radio-frequency identification) luggage tracking, the fastest internet at sea, oh, and robots working behind the bar. 

Tech-savvy modern holidaymakers will be blown away by new ship Quantum and Anthem of the Seas, which seamlessly incorporates new levels of digital technology across all of its on-board spaces, providing holidaymakers with the most technologically driven holiday in the world. 

Boatloads of bandwidth keep guests connected; easy-to-use systems expand guest choices and simplify schedules; and radio-frequency identification RFID technology speeds the boarding process and allows guests to keep track of their luggage every step of the way. 

The Quantum class ships earn their ‘SMART’ credentials in six different areas thanks to innovative customer-centred technology including:

1. SMART Check-In:  From shoreside to ship in record time

A Quantum-class holiday begins at home, where guests can generate boarding documents online, upload their own security photo, and receive digital boarding confirmations.  By the time they arrive at the cruise terminal for departure, Royal Caribbean guests can go from “shoreside to ship” in 10 minutes with no check-in counter to navigate and no lines to stand in.

Guests will be able to track luggage in real time on their smartphones.  Luggage will be tagged shoreside with RFID technology at drop-off, and guests can monitor their bags’ progress through key points en route to the stateroom.  On departure, the process is reversed.    

2. SMART Concierge: Flexibility at your fingertips

Quantum and Anthem of the Seas will offer new RFID WOWband wristbands, which require only a simple tap to quickly navigate the ship, make onboard purchases and serve as the room key.  

Simplicity and efficiency are also at the heart of two new apps that put guests in charge of their cruise choices: Cruise Planner, which allows guests to research and book dining reservations, shore excursions, spa appointments and more before their holiday begins; and “Royal iQ,” available as a downloadable app and provided at freestanding iQ stations around the ship. “Royal iQ” allows guests to manage details during the cruise, includes a convenient calendar that provides at-a-glance views of their bookings and reservations and allows guests to keep in touch with one another and home.

3. SMART Connect: Downloads at the speed of modern life

Quantum class ships will operate with industry leading bandwidth, using a new generation of low, mid-Earth-orbit satellites, launched by tech partner O3b Networks. With speeds that match fast broadband connections onshore, guests can be online 24/7, no matter what personal device they bring onboard.  Guests can watch streaming video, check email, share images on social media and enjoy face-to-face video conversations – even in the middle of the Ocean. 

In yet another first for the industry, Quantum and Anthem of the Seas’ connectivity makes it possible for one of the SeaPods in SeaPlex to become a live global video gaming suite where guests can enjoy Xbox Live and compete with other gamers worldwide or on other Royal Caribbean ships.

4. SMART Experiences: Shaking martinis and spinning screens

Technology also powers surprise-and-delight elements on Quantum class ships. A brand new venue, 

Bionic Bar is the first bar with robot bartenders not just at sea, but anywhere in the world.  It is a must-try interactive experience whereby guests order via tablets and then have fun watching the robotic bartenders hard at work mixing and delivering cocktails of choice

Robots drive another entertaining feature on Quantum and Anthem of the Seas.  Two70 is home to a troupe of six Roboscreens that stage surprise performances during every cruise, creating scenes while soaring and twisting solo, or uniting as one. Guests will also experience Vistarama, which transforms its expansive floor-to-ceiling windows into any scene, real or imagined, by combining 18 projectors to create an ambient surface over 100 feet wide and over 20 feet tall. Across this expanse, impromptu digital shows come to life in stunning 12K resolution providing the audience with 270 degree views.

The Quantum class ships take advantage of technology in functional forms as well.  Guest staterooms are equipped with device-charging USB outlets, as well as energy efficient and environmentally friendly lighting systems. Interior accommodations are outfitted with Virtual Balconies that display real-time sights and sounds of the sea through 80-inch LED screens, ensuring every stateroom has a view. 

5. SMART Service: Crew can connect better with guests – and with home

The technology benefits of Quantum and Anthem of the Seas extend to the ship’s crew.  Custom apps will allow crew members to keep better track of guests’ tastes and preferences, allowing staff to tailor their already remarkably personalised service to an even higher degree.  Whether a guest prefers gluten-free dining, early show seating, or shiatsu massage, the features of the smart ship allow crew members to anticipate every need.

And the ship’s remarkable capabilities give the company an opportunity to make life better for crew members too, since Royal Caribbean will present every crew member on Quantum and Anthem of the Seas with a free, personal Microsoft tablet, with a suite of services and apps that is theirs to keep.  And as technology upgrades are made across the company’s fleet, every shipboard employee in the entire Royal Caribbean International fleet will also receive their own tablet – a total of 40,000 tablets. 

6. SMART Sustainability: Cleaner and greener

Technology has even played a part in making the ship more environmentally friendly.  Sophisticated computer modelling was used to reduce the vessel’s energy consumption with efficient hull configuration, engine design and energy saving devices.  The ship has eliminated the use of incandescent bulbs; all lighting will be provided by low-energy LED or fluorescents.  Motion sensors even dim hallway lighting when no one is present.  

Stuart Leven, managing director, Royal Caribbean International, commented:

“Guests onboard our new Quantum class ships will be forgiven for thinking they’ve been transported to the future when they see first-hand all of the incredible technological advancements that have seamlessly been incorporated into the ship and the wider holiday experience.  The new technologies make things possible at sea that could never have been done before. The Robot bartenders, RFID luggage tracking devices and Roboscreens, among others, are complete game-changers for the industry and we’re confident that guests will be blown away when they step onboard.”

The Quantum-class ships, Quantum of the Seas and sister-ship Anthem of the Seas (debuting in Southampton, U.K. in April 2015), will introduce a new set of first-at-sea onboard experiences, such as Ripcord by iFLY, a heart-pounding skydiving experience; North Star, a thrilling adventure that transports guests more than 300 feet in the air on a breathtaking journey; cutting-edge transformative venues including SeaPlex, the largest indoor sports and entertainment complex at sea with bumper cars, roller skating and more; and the cruise line’s largest and most advanced staterooms ever.  Guests also will enjoy the new Quantum-class Dynamic Dining, a completely new culinary experience that offers a landscape of 18 restaurant concepts as vast and varied as dining in the world’s most cosmopolitan cities, including specialty restaurants created with partner-chefs Jamie Oliver, Devin Alexander and Michael Schwartz.

More information on Quantum class is available at

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Quantum Class