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Game of Drones - How technology is changing the face of property development

6th October 2014 Print

International property development used to be something of a mysterious and murky art, but advances in technology have transformed it over recent years, allowing developers to share more and encourage their investors to take an active interest in the process of development.

From aerial photographs of progress to helicopter rides over sites, construction updates from developers can reach their investors around the world in a matter of seconds, thanks to the speed of the internet. The commercial uses of drones for property development are also beginning to be appreciated. Robert Gavin, Group CEO of the award-winning North Dakota Developments, explains,

“We wanted to give our investors a true picture of progress with our sites and a drone seemed like the perfect way to do so. It’s already proving a valuable investment and we’ve used it take aerial construction videos showing how our Great American Lodge Watford City site is developing. We’re already seeing other possibilities for how we can use the drone. It will provide a fantastic new perspective on new sites that we are considering, for example.”

It is technological advances that have also been responsible for the North Dakota Developments team’s current work. The company specialises in developing oil worker accommodation in the Bakken Formation oilfields of North Dakota. The development of fracking technology and horizontal drilling have meant that estimates of the amount of recoverable oil in the area have rocketed in recent years, reaching 25 billion barrels from some reports. Future reports are tipped to see this number rise even more. Future reports are tipped to see this number rise even more.

Within North Dakota Developments, Group COO Danny Hogan was tasked with getting to grips with the latest technology and putting the drone to work. He comments,

“The drone enables us to provide a complete picture to our investors and solidifies everything we do here at North Dakota Developments. It’s paramount to keep our investors updated where possible and the drone is able to provide this opportunity. It definitely reached my expectations both on a personal level, as I’ve always wanted to try one out, and on a business level because the usability for this type of tool is endless.”

With ground breaking already underway at the site of their new Transhudson Hotel – Parshall, the North Dakota Developments team will be able to use the drone to record progress at every stage of the development, from project start to finish. Already it is a tool that the company feel they would not want to be without.

Investors who are keen to be involved in a development that they can see from every angle are invited to explore the opportunities offered by the Transhudson Hotel – Parshall. Suites are available for investment from $89,950, with assured net yields of 15.55% per year. Compulsory buy back after year three for the sale price plus 10% will see investors achieving a total net return on their investment of 56.66%.

For more information on the award-winning North Dakota Developments and their exciting new Transhudson Hotel – Parshall in the Bakken oilfields of North Dakota, visit

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