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Sergey Taitler shares how All American Exterior Solutions is keeping in constant communication with staff during the Covid-19 pandemic

When it comes to reducing the risk of infection from COVID-19 during the pandemic, companies have ways to help protect their staff. While that may include working remotely or limiting exposure, there's another important weapon against the coronavirus: communication.

David Stanger Explains How COVID-19 is Impacting Rent and Mortgages

With several U.S. states beginning to relax restrictions put in place due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, we are just beginning to see how the economic slowdown has affected various industries.

The Los Angeles homebuying guide

The Los Angeles homebuying guide

Sinking your entire life savings into a singular purchase of your dream home is not a simple thing to do. Buying a home can be a truly daunting experience, considering all the factors you should have in mind while making such a grandiose purchase.

How government agencies restore forests and plains after a wildfire

Damage from wildfires doesn’t end when the flames go out. Loss of vegetation caused by wildfires can result in profound subsequent problems for a forest, including soil erosion and flooding, and it can even put flora and fauna species at risk.

Guide to starting a business in the US

Unsurprisingly, the process of starting a business in the United States can be somewhat complex. Nevertheless, all things become significantly easier by developing a rudimentary understanding of the steps in the process.

Four hidden costs that come with homeownership you may not be considering

When people start maturing, they often think that buying a home is the next step for them to take in life. It is important to take your time before buying a home to ensure that you can truly afford it.

New York and London - how do their hottest neighbourhoods stack up?

New York and London - how do their hottest neighbourhoods stack up?

Style, culture, entertainment and hot property – London and New York have it all.

Chinese demand for US real estate keeps growing

Last year, Chinese real estate investors become the biggest single buyers of US property, overtaking Canadians for the first time, according to National Association of Realtor data.

Why Orlando BTL investment market is so sought-after

Orlando is set to remain among the fastest growing metros this year for family real estate rental markets, thanks to its growing leisure and hospitality sectors.

Why Florida property market is set for an ‘onslaught’ of buyers

Florida is likely to experience an “onslaught” of homebuyers during the spring and summer, the state’s realtors have been told.

Why Florida is the top US state in which to live

A new poll has just backed up what everyone at leading real estate developer and agent, Feltrim Group, knows - that Florida is the number one state in which to live.

Progressive workspace solution offers opportunities for New York property investment

Barworks Times Square, New York is an interesting new workspace solution located in the heart of Manhattan. It is also an exciting opportunity for property investment in one of the world's major cities.

Orlando among top-performing US property markets

Three Florida metros are among the top performing housing markets in the United States, new figures reveal, and Orlando is among them.

Poinciana to benefit from new rail and roads routes

Not only is Poinciana getting a major new road in the form of the Poinciana Parkway, but the new SunRail extension to the area is going ahead.

Chinese buyers show fresh urgency for Central Florida real estate

With Chinese President Xi Jinping in the United States at the moment, now is the ideal time to consider how strong the demand is from Chinese buyers for Central Florida real estate.