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15 tips on how to move cheaply across country

19th April 2021 Print

Once you decide to move across the country, do not rush to hire a cross country mover to help you pack and move your items. It can cost you more money. It is possible to move cheaply across the country. You have to know what to do. Here are the top tips on how to move cheaply across the country: 

1. Sell Some Items 

You will not need some items in your new home. Instead of paying a lot of money to transport them, get rid of them. You can donate them to your favorite local charities or sell them. Sell them to get more cash to use to move your other belongings. Get rid of some items to reduce your load and save money. 

2. Use Free Moving Boxes and Supplies 

Using free moving boxes and supplies can reduce the cost of moving across the country. You can get used boxes, packing tape, and packing paper from local retailers and even online marketplaces. It is cheap to buy used packing supplies, saving you a ton of money.  

3. Shop Around for the Best Prices 

Hiring a cross country mover? Do not rush to hire one. Get estimates from several cross country movers to compare their prices. Do not just compare their prices. You also need to compare their services. Some movers are cheap because they do not provide extra services. Hire an affordable mover providing the services you need. 

4. Moving Discounts 

Moving discounts can save you more money on your cross country move. Do not be afraid to ask for discounts when shopping around for the best prices. Some professional movers can give you discounts, especially during their slower seasons. Also, check if you qualify for their discounts. 

5. Hire Moving Company

If you decide to move everything on your own, you will still need people to help you load and unload the moving truck. Your friends can help you load the moving truck. However, you may not know anyone in your new location. If you prefer hiring mover to make your move stress free, make sure you find cheap movers near me and pick the best one for you. Movers will also help you unload the moving truck. Hiring cheap movers can help you save money.

6. Pick the Right Moving Date 

You are reading this article because you want to move cheaply across the country. Do not move on peak moving days and times. It is much cheaper to move during lower seasons. Professional movers do not even charge a lot of money during off-peak moving days and times to save you more money. 

7. Ship Your Items 

Check the items you are moving. In some cases, shipping your items is much cheaper. For instance, it is expensive to hire a cross country mover to move a small number of your items.  You can ship them. It is even more convenient to ship them. Compare the prices of the different delivery services companies to find an affordable one. 

8. Use a Portable Moving Container

It is cheap to use a portable moving container to move across the country. Use your portable storage container to keep your belongings in one place. Using a portable storage container is much cheaper than hiring a full-service cross country mover. Use these containers to reduce the expenses of moving across the country. 

9. Check Your New Company's Relocation Policy 

Some companies pay for a part or all of the move of their new employees. If you got a new job in a new state, contact your new company to inquire about their relocation policy. If the company pays for the relocation, you will save a lot of money. If the company will reimburse you for the move, keep all your receipts. 

10. Book Early

Once you know your moving day, you should book a professional mover early. Some professional movers can offer you discounts if you book their services early. Booking early also helps you find the best cross country movers, especially if you are moving during peak season. Book early to save some money. 

11. Get Packing Supplies from Your Friends 

A lot of people relocate a few times in their lives. Instead of spending more money on packing supplies, you can ask your friends, who relocated recently, to help you with packing supplies and cardboard boxes. Also, some people have unused boxes lying around in their homes to help you with these boxes and other packing supplies. 

12. Make a Moving Budget 

It is important to control your expenses when moving across the country. You will incur some expenses, even if you are doing everything yourself. If you do not have a moving budget, you might end up spending more money. Making a moving budget can help you monitor your expense, saving you some money. 

13. Ship Your Car 

If you plan to bring your car, you can ship it. You can even drive it to your new location. However, you will get tired since you will drive your car for several hours. In fact, driving can increase your stress of moving. So, you can ship your car to save you some stress. Use an affordable company to ship your car. 

14. Use a Storage Facility 

You may be forced to move across the country immediately. For instance, getting a new job in another state can force you to move immediately. Instead of continuing to pay rent for your old home, rent a storage facility. Store your belongings in the storage facility before moving them across the country. It is cheap to use a storage facility. 

15. Keep an Inventory 

You are more likely to lose or damage some things due to the distance. It isn't easy to keep track of every item. Keep an inventory of everything you are moving. Label everything. Please take photos of your items before moving them. Once the mover delivers them, ensure they are in good condition. Having proof of the conditions makes it easy to file a claim, ensuring you do not lose money. 

These are the top tips on how to move cheaply across country. Hiring a full-service cross country mover can save you more money since they have the necessary packing supplies to pack your belongings. They are also more likely to give you a discount if you book their services early enough.