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Renovating during lockdown? Here’s five ways to add value to your home

15th April 2021 Print

For many, lockdown has been the perfect opportunity to give some love and attention to their home. Spending more time there has helped people to realise what they could do to make it a more comfortable space, whether that’s a fresh coat of paint or adding a whole new room.

And it’s not just having the spare time that has made it easier than ever to take on a DIY project: without the expenses of going out or impulse buying, households have found that they finally have the spare cash to put towards a change. 

If you’re planning a renovation, it’s best to make sure that it’s going to be worthwhile. Some changes will add more value to your home than others, while some changes might not be to everyone’s tastes. Before launching into a big project, it’s worth making sure you’ve researched and planned everything carefully.

Planning Your Improvement

Whether you’re doing it all yourself or drafting in tradesmen to help, make sure you’ve got everything to hand before you start. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to down tools while you wait for missing parts to arrive. Luckily, the internet it a fantastic source of information and you should be able to find plans and equipment lists for any type of job.

If it’s going to be a long, loud, or outdoor job, the polite things to do it let your neighbours know before you start. This gives them a chance to prepare for days when they might need ear plugs! Either an informal chat or a letter through the door would do the job. Try and give them a time frame so they know what to expect and keep them updated if things change along the way.

Start Small


- One of the easiest ways to spruce up your house is by revamping your kitchen. If your cabinets are looking a little shabby, but still have some use in them, you can achieve a lot by just painting the doors and changing the handles. Or replace the doors altogether if you’re happy with the arrangement as it is.

- It’s often said that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses, so the kitchen really is one room worth spending your time over. If you shop around for the best prices, you might even be able to get a whole new set of units for much less than expected. 


- Windows determine how much light makes its way into your house, and dark rooms can really make a place seem small. Large windows offer so much in terms of light, as well as letting a bit of nature into your house, especially if overlooking a garden or green area. Window technology has also improved over the years, so you should find that newer windows are better at keeping the heat in and the sound out. This is one improvement which can end up saving you money in the long run.

The Bigger Jobs


- If you haven’t got a garage, you’re missing out on a huge amount of storage space. They can range in size and shape to fit almost any spare patch of land, and can be made of wood, steel, or bricks – depending on your budget and needs. Adding a garage to your plot will definitely up your home’s appeal.

- If you have got a garage and you don’t use it much, consider converting it into a different space. Attached garages can be plastered and turned into another living space, while detached garages make great workshops, offices, and home gyms.


- Adding an extension is a great way to not only give yourself more living space, but also add value to your property. Single or double storey extensions might need planning permission, so make sure you do your research. Bear in mind that an extension will remove some of your garden – unless it’s upstairs only – so watch out for that having a negative effect on your home’s appeal.

Loft Conversions

- Loft conversions give you the benefit of extra space even if you don’t have the extra room outside to build outwards. A good-sized loft makes a great playroom or studio or is big enough to fit in a bedroom and bathroom if designed right. Adding another bedroom to your house will lift it into a different price bracket, as well as giving you more space for a growing family.


These are the most popular type of home renovations for all different budgets. Make sure you carry out the proper research before you start, and vet all tradesmen carefully. The last thing you want is a cowboy builder ruining your home.