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Travel hack London: have an unforgettable weekend on a shoestring

14th October 2014 Print

With many of us still feeling the effects of the credit crunch, it’s important to cut back on spending wherever possible. While luxuries such as expensive clothing and eating out have been shunned, holidays remain at the top of Britain’s priority list. In fact, according to recent research from ABTA, a huge 80% of Brits planned to take holidays in 2014! London remains the UK’s most popular holiday destination, yet due to its status as one of the most happening capitals on the planet, it can get quite pricey. If you want to experience London without crippling your bank account, read on for our guide to having an unforgettable weekend on a shoestring.

Getting there

For those that live relatively close to the capital, a train or bus ride is the quickest and easiest route to London. If you book in advance you’ll also be able to snag the lowest priced tickets! If London’s further away than a mere trip on the bus, you’d rather not make the cross country trek by car or endure an arduous train ride; then the best way to travel to London is by plane with budget airlines such as FlyBe and Ryanair.

2 for 1 London

If you’ve got your heart set on seeing some of London’s famous sites and attractions, be prepared to fork out a fair bit of cash. If you’re travelling with a friend, taking advantage of Days Out Guide’s 2 for 1 London offers is a great way to save the pennies. Simply travel to your destination by train (which most people do anyway) and enjoy buy-one-get-one-free entry on some of London’s hottest attractions!

Go public

Rather than splurge on a pricey tourist oriented ferry ride on the Thames, do like the locals do and catch a clipper. The ride from Greenwich to Waterloo is spectacularly scenic and will only set you back around six quid.

Consider apartments or house shares

Over the past few years, the demand for short stay apartments and home share sites such as Air BnB has skyrocketed. These types of accommodation may not be as swanky as hotels but they’re definitely more budget-friendly and also offer a more authentic experience. If you’re really strapped for cash, London also has some great hostels where you can bunk with other travellers or opt for a private room at a low, low prices. If you refuse to sway from a hotel, price compare sites such as  Expedia will often offer discounted deals. 

Hit the free attractions

While London is chock-a-block full of paid entry attractions, it also boasts countless free activities that are just as fun. Rummage through Camden Markets, stroll through Hyde Park, marvel at Buckingham Palace or admire the works at the National Gallery… the options are endless!

Research cheap eats and drinks

London can be swanky and it can also be fantastic value. Eating at markets is a great way to save cash while catching those happy hour drinks deals is always a good idea.

By keeping in mind these great tips, you can enjoy everything London has to offer without worrying about the price tags.