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Jeans and onesies top poll as ultimate ski fashion no-no

20th October 2014 Print

New research from Monarch Airlines reveals Brits’ ski habits and slope etiquette.

Although 94% of those surveyed suggested they did not feel the need to buy the latest and most fashionable clothing, hitting the slopes in your jeans, onesie or tracksuit will still get you the glare of the fashion police as these items topped the poll as the ultimate ski fashion faux pas.

While passing dangerously is seen as the worst breach of ski etiquette (30%), one in five also believe jumping the queue at the ski lift is not the done thing (20%), along with leaving litter on the piste (10%) and going too fast down the slopes (8%).

The survey of over 4,000 people across the UK found that almost half of Brits were snapping selfies on their winter ski break, with a third of these capturing the action on the slopes and a further third keeping friends and loved ones up to date with all the fun of the après ski activities.

The results showed that France was the most popular ski destination (43%) followed by Austria (26%) and Italy (12%). And it seems the traditional British manners have not been lost as, maybe not surprisingly, a third of those questioned voted Brits as the most polite on the slopes, followed by Austrians (18%). On the other hand French skiers were seen as the least polite on the slopes, receiving 36% of the vote, followed by the Germans (20%).

Half of those surveyed said they sometimes drank alcohol whilst on the mountainside and 13% even admitted to continuing to ski when they knew they were drunk.

Monarch Airlines, who offer passengers ski boots as part of their hold luggage allowance, provides easy access to over 160 European ski resorts in France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany from its winter destination airport – Friedrichshafen, Grenoble, Innsbruck, Munich – which are served by regular flights from the following UK airports; London Gatwick, London Luton, Birmingham, Leeds Bradford and Manchester. For the 2014/2015 winter season Monarch has also added Salzburg and Turin to the schedule. These two new ski routes are served from Birmingham Airport.

The Monarch ski survey shows skiing and snowboarding remain largely social sports with almost three quarters (72%) going with friends and family, compared to couples (20%) or solo travellers (3%).

And for any parents who may worry ski and snowboarding holidays aren’t a welcome place for children, fear not, 85% of respondents say they aren’t at all irritated by having children on the slopes.

The findings showed that mountains and scenery are the biggest draw for winter sports enthusiasts (51%) - more than the adrenalin rush of the slopes (21%), or being with friends and family (18%).

The cost of a ski holiday remains a potential deterrent from taking a winter sports break with 77% feeling snow holidays are too expensive, but with flights, including taxes, starting from £32.99 one way (£67.98 return) and ski boots included as part of your hold luggage allowance, Monarch Airlines offers excellent value for money. For further information on Monarch’s winter ski destinations visit

Top five ski fashion faux-pas:

1. Jeans (31%)
2. Onesie (16%)
3. Tracksuit (15%)
4. Bum bags (7%)
5. Lycra (6%)