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Champion result for Leeds Building Society regular savings accounts

8th December 2014 Print

Leeds Building Society has been named as Best Regular Savings Account Provider 2015 by Savings Champion.

Savings Champion, which offers UK consumers independent research and advice on cash savings, honoured the Society for its Regular Saver and Flexible Regular Saver accounts in its recent awards.

“It’s fantastic news that we’ve been named as Best Regular Savings Account Provider by Savings Champion,” said Kim Rebecchi, Leeds Building Society’s Distribution and Marketing Director.

“Both our Regular Saver and Flexible Regular Saver accounts are unusual as they don’t have a fixed term so you can keep on saving and continue to receive a competitive return. Most regular savings products on the market have a fixed term, after which the rate tends to become less competitive.

“Offering people a secure home for their savings was part of the reason the Society was set up and this kind of account rewards the habit of regular saving by awarding a bonus to savers who make a deposit every month and limit their withdrawals each year.”

Susan Hannums, Director at said: “Leeds Building Society has not only offered a regular savings account that appeared on a consistent basis in our hand-picked, independent best buy table throughout the year, it is also available to a wide variety of savers.

“It is rare in the current savings market to find a top paying regular savings account that is not restricted to existing customers or that needs to be opened in a branch only, which is why this award is so well deserved. Leeds Building Society has recognised that a truly best buy account is available to all savers.”