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Serious about cycling: Number of people taking out cycle insurance increases by 75%

24th June 2015 Print

The soaring popularity of cycling has triggered a spike in the number of people taking out additional cycle insurance, according to customer data from Aviva. The figures show a 75% increase in take-up between 2009 and 2014 across Britain. 

The biggest increases have been in the Tyne area and Yorkshire, the starting point of last year’s Tour de France, which have seen take up of additional bike insurance jump by 158% and 113% respectively over the past five years. The highest number of policies is in the South and South East of England, where more than 9000 were taken out last year.

The increase in the take up of cycle insurance is a result both of the growing popularity of cycling and the continued increase in the amount spent on bikes. Since 2012, the average amount people spend on a bike has risen from £206 to £233. At the same time there has been a year-on-year increase in levels of theft. Currently, more than 376,000 bicycles are stolen every year.  

As some of the world’s best female cyclists have been in the UK competing in The Aviva’s Women’s Tour – won by Lisa Brennauer, with Britain’s Hannah Barnes winning the fifth stage - it is no wonder cycling is becoming more popular. The Aviva Women’s Tour has the highest ranking a women’s stage race can achieve and has seen the likes of Olympic Gold medallist Dani King taking part. Aviva will also be sponsoring the elite men’s race, the Aviva Tour of Britain, in September.

Heather Smith, Marketing Director at Aviva said: “The success of cycling in the UK has been both at an elite level - from athletes such as Sir Chris Hoy, Sir Bradley Wiggins and Victoria Pendleton CBE - but also at a grassroots level as people have been inspired to get out on their bikes. This is great to see, as cycling is a sport that can bring lasting health and wellbeing benefits. Therefore, as we gear up for The Aviva Women’s Tour 2015, we hope even more people will be inspired to take part – and if they are, to invest in the right equipment and the appropriate insurance to protect it.

“Just as you take the time to choose the correct clothes and kit, it is important to ensure your bikes and accessories are covered against theft, accidental damage or causing injury or damage to another person. This will then mean you can relax and enjoy your hobby with the confidence that your pride and joy is protected.”

Top tips for protecting your bike:

Prevent thieves from taking your bike by locking it to a fixed object such as a bike rack or a ground anchor, these are often found in designated bike parking areas

Ensure the bike cannot be lifted off the anchor otherwise thieves may still be able to steal it

Use a good quality lock such as a D-lock which is strong and difficult for thieves to cut through

Ensure the lock is around the wheel, frame AND anchor to which it is attached otherwise thieves may be able to remove parts of your bike and lift the main frame away

Try to remove easy-to-steal parts or accessories like the saddle and post, pumps or clip-less pedals, Some thieves like to steal these too

Leave your bike in a well-lit area with CCTV cameras where thieves are less likely to loiter and will be deterred from robbery

Avoid leaving your bike in isolated areas, and lock it near to other bikes so yours is not such an obvious target

Register your bike with a tracker website such as or so police authorities can trace and identify your bike if it does get stolen

Photograph your bike and note down the serial number, make and model.  If it does get stolen this will make it easy to identify to the police and insurers

Security-mark the frame using an ultraviolet marker. If it is stolen and found again, it will be identified as yours and possibly returned to you

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