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10 ways to add the personal touch to your proposal

19th August 2015 Print

There are many different ways to ‘pop the question’ from arranging a romantic picnic on the beach to taking your loved one out for a special dinner. Each occasion is memorable and unique in its own way, but if you want to add that personal touch to your proposal, here are 10 fabulous ideas.

1. Create your own engagement ring

Finding the right ring can be an overwhelming process, which is why sites like 77 Diamonds allow you to create your own engagement ring in just five simple steps. This not only allows you to cater for your partner’s likes but it’ll ensure your ring is as original as possible.

2. Propose with a family ring

Proposing with a ring that’s been in the family for years is both a romantic and sentimental gesture that’s sure to mean the world not only to your partner but to whoever was given the ring originally, be it your mother, grandmother or great grandmother.

3. Write a poem

Rather than just dropping to the floor and blurting out “will you marry me?” why not write a poem that gradually leads to your proposal? The thought is likely to melt your loved one’s heart and if you can read it without crying or laughing, you’ll be onto a winner. There are many tips on how to construct a poem online or you could just let your emotions loose and write how you feel – it doesn’t have to rhyme.

4. Think up a story

If you are a bit of a Wordsmith, you could even put together a little story based upon how you met and the life you’ve shared together. Ask your loved one to read it but make the ending your proposal, so as he/she gets to the last page you get down on one knee.

5. Visit the place you met

Can you remember where you first laid eyes on each other? If so, this could be the perfect place to propose – unless of course you met while throwing junk into a recycling skip on a Sunday morning or somewhere as equally unromantic.

6. Head to your favourite spot

Do you have a particular spot you both like to visit, say a picnic bench under an old willow tree or a rock by the beach? Perhaps there’s a secret place you know your partner likes to go? If so, this could be the ideal place to propose.

7. Hire a barbershop quartet

If you want to do something a little quirky, hire a barbershop quartet to sing your partner’s favourite tune before popping the question. This story will certainly be remembered for years and there’s nothing quite like music to pull at those heartstrings.

8. Make a compilation CD

One night when you’re peaceful and alone, play a compilation CD that you’ve put together with a proposal at the end. This is sure to be a shocker. Here’s a selection of love songs if your brain goes blank, but preferably use ones that mean something to the two of you.

9. Get a caricature 

When out and about exploring, ask a caricature to draw a picture of you but secretly let them know to include a speech bubble which says “will you marry me?”. Not only will you have a personalised picture of the two of you, you’ll always have a memory of that special moment.

10. Swap bookmarks

Is your other half a bit of a bookworm? If so, try swapping their bookmark with a heart-filled cardboard strip with your proposal message. Make sure you’re in the room the next time they want to read and be ready with the ring when they see the note.

Make your proposal as special as possible and enjoy telling stories of how you ‘popped the question’ for years to come.