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As house prices and rents escalate, payday loans have never been so vital

16th January 2016 Print

It's easy to forget, particularly if you are lucky enough to be on a steady financial footing, just how important payday loans remain for those who do not have great disposable income. Perhaps you are one of those people, very much 'robbing Peter to pay Paul' every month and constantly in need of that quick cash injection to get you over the line? 

Whatever your own situation, here is the perfect visual demonstration of precisely how much of a struggle it can be to pay your own way in Britain today. Far from the work-shy shirkers, scroungers or just plain old lazy that many of those on lower incomes have sometimes been portrayed as, such workers are fighting against spiralling living costs in all parts of the country. Sadly, the trend indicates that this will not cease to be the case anytime soon. 

Scroll down to read our infographic on house prices, rent values and wages in the UK today, based on figures sourced from Shelter, indicating just how crucial payday loans still are for so many Britons.

The Cost Of Living In The UK vs Wages - An infographic by the team at Swift Money

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