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Payday Loans

The pros and cons of payday loans: What you need to know

Payday loans are short-term, high-interest loans offered by lenders to borrowers who need quick access to cash. These loans can be helpful when you have unexpected expenses or emergencies, but they often come with fees and exorbitant interest rates that make them an expensive way to get money.

An inside look on the best type of loans for you

If looking to borrow money is one of your top priorities in the coming months, you’ll want to make sure you are finding the best products. Not only do you need to determine the type of loan you require, consideration has to be made for how much, how long for and what the purpose of the loan is.

3 surprising facts you didn’t know were true about payday loans

3 surprising facts you didn’t know were true about payday loans

If you need a payday loan in an emergency, you’re focused on a few key data points. You want to know how much you can borrow, and whether you can afford to pay it back on time.

As house prices and rents escalate, payday loans have never been so vital

It's easy to forget, particularly if you are lucky enough to be on a steady financial footing, just how important payday loans remain for those who do not have great disposable income.

Payday loan problems halved since cap introduced

The number of problems reported to Citizens Advice about payday loans have almost halved.

Payday lenders need to point people towards debt advice

Payday lenders should seize the opportunity to point people they have turned down for a loan towards debt advice says Citizens Advice.

More short-term credit options needed to boost competition in payday lending

More choice of short-term credit is key to improving competition, says Citizens Advice as the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) publishes its provisional decision on the payday loan industry.

Ombudsman warns consumers about payday loan middlemen

The ombudsman has spoke out about websites that take hundreds of pounds from unwitting consumers on the promise of finding cheap credit, only for the loans never to materialise.

Most payday loans used for ‘everyday expenses’, not just ‘emergencies’

The most popular use of a payday loan is for everyday expenses like groceries and not just for emergencies like fixing a boiler or repairing a car, according to new polling for the think tank IPPR.

Payday mayday - new cap will encourage borrowing

The majority of Brits (84%) are in support of Government plans to introduce a cap on the cost of payday loans, however it may encourage some groups of people to take on debt, according to the latest research from Amigo Loans.

Cap on payday loan costs is welcome, but more still needs to be done

In response to the Government announcement that it will be introducing a new law to cap the cost of payday loans, Michael Ossei, personal finance expert at, says: “While the Government’s announcement is a step in the right direction, putting a cap on interest rates does not solve the real issue of short-term lending.

One in two payday loan customers say experience was positive

Thousands of borrowers have fallen prey to the unscrupulous practices of payday lenders, but despite this almost half (49%) of those who have taken out a payday loan claim the experience has been positive, according to research from

Payday lenders failing to check if people can afford to repay

Payday lenders are damming people to debt by failing to carry out checks to make sure borrowers can afford to repay the loan, says Citizens Advice.

National Debtline sees 94% increase in payday loan debt problems

Debt charity the Money Advice Trust reports its National Debtline service took over 20,000 calls for help with payday loans in 2012, a huge record.

Debt problems with payday loans more than doubles in one year

As the new payday lending customer charter is launched, Citizens Advice Bureaux across the country are releasing new figures demonstrating a worrying increase in the number of serious debt cases relating to payday loans.