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Important things to consider when buying a commercial property

10th May 2016 Print

Making the choice to go ahead and buy a commercial property isn’t something you can decide on a whim, there’s a great deal to think about. As such you really shouldn’t rush into anything, as you’ll want to be completely sure the commercial property you purchase really is the right one for your business’ needs. 

So what do you need to look out for? To assist and point you in the right direction, in this useful post you can find some helpful tips and tricks to put you on the right track, to the right purchase.


Firstly, you can narrow down your search options by only looking for properties that can be used for the purposes that you need them for. In other words, if it’s for example a warehouse for storage, a shopfront for your operations or an office to handle your telecommunications or sales. 


With the above you also need to think about the size for whichever purpose it is you want to use it. The obvious aspect here is to be smart with what you look for and match the property to the circumstances. For instance, with a warehouse you’ll need higher ceilings and open areas, but equally with all operations you need to think about parking and access compared to the number of staff you’ll have at the location.


On the subject of location, thinking about your client base is another important aspect. This is particularly important if the commercial property is your shopfront as this should be somewhere customers can access and find easily. Conversely, if it’s a site for operational reasons this needs to match the area, such as an industrial estate or commercial retail park. 

Where you Buy it from

You also have lots of choice when it comes to where and how you purchase your commercial property. As well as traditional estate agents, there are specialist property auctions that can see you getting a bargain. Equally, if you’re considering a property to let, you should be looking at specialist lettings or landlords, who understand the markets you’re interested in. 

The Future

The last thing to think about is how long you intend to stay in this location, as this can inform whether or not you choose to buy a property or simply lease it. While you can seek advice surrounding this from experts, this is again down to common-sense; if you’re planning to stay for the long-haul then look into expansion capabilities to accommodate potential future growth.