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Important considerations when seeking industrial units to let

10th July 2016 Print

Whether you’re a new company looking to set up as your first base, or are a growing business that needs new premises to expand into, finding industrial units to let will probably be your first port of call. Very few will be able to buy their own property outright, so renting is the best option. 

When looking for industrial units to rent, a lot of what will influence your choice will be down to the needs of your business. However, there are a number of important considerations that everyone on the hunt for industrial property for rent should take into account.  

Local property market

Location will be a key factor in deciding where to base your business, with places close to transport links, shops and other amenities highly appealing. You must also take into account the local property market dynamics, as this will help you make the most of the best opportunities. 

Undertake plenty of research and become familiar with vacancy rates, rental values and more. There are enterprise zones, where the government offers incentives for businesses to rent industrial units, and other areas providing additional support that are worth considering. Some of these can be found on the edge of towns and cities, so it is worth looking beyond the city centres.   

Lease conditions 

Signing a business lease with industrial units for let is a big commitment, as you will be relying on your company to be successful and afford the rent. Therefore, you must ensure all the terms and conditions of the lease are appropriate. 

Think about the lease length. The average commercial property lease has been increasing, but you must be confident your business won’t grow or shrink in that time. It can be worth adding in a break clause, rent reviews and alterations for change of use, just in case your circumstances change.   

Specific requirements  

Every business will have their own specific requirements when searching for industrial units to let. Some will require more space than others, while location, car parking and all sorts of other features will be higher up or lower down the priority list.

A good place to start is online, with numerous industrial properties to rent available at London & Cambridge Properties. Certain considerations can be assessed just from the images and information provided online, while for others you may actually have to visit the property. Think about all these considerations before looking for your new industrial unit to rent.