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All 2007 Harley-Davidson Sportster models equipped with electronic fuel injection

14th July 2006 Print
The Harley-Davidson XL Sportster family of motorcycles has always thrived on street-bred performance and with new standard Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI), new handlebar wiring and gauges, significantly reduced clutch and brake lever effort and increased mid-range performance on XL 883 models, the 2007 Sportster family of seven models is ready for the street and beyond.

The Sportster models are constantly evolving based on innovation and the changing preferences of customers. The 2007 model year is another major milestone that celebrates Sportster heritage with a look to the future. From the first 1957 Sportster to the new 2007 models and beyond, the Harley-Davidson Sportster has continued to evolve.

For 2007, all Sportster models feature standard electronic fuel injection. To incorporate ESPFI, Harley-Davidson redesigned the Sportster rear fender, seat, fuel tank, coil, exhaust pipes, wiring and induction system, while also revising the frame. With oxygen feedback acting independently on each cylinder, the system learns and adjusts to make the cleanest burning fuel possible, providing a superior ride with minimal emissions.

New gauges on the 2007 Sportster models provide a clock function on the odometer, low fuel warning light and two trip set odometers. The Sportster ride is also enhanced through an eight per cent reduction in clutch lever effort and an 11 to 14 per cent reduction in front brake lever effort, depending on model. Sportster customising is made easier by a two-inch lengthening of handlebar wiring to enable customers to fit a range of alternative bars.

The four Sportster XL 883 models have been retuned for increased mid-range performance, providing more torque for improved drivability. Riders of the XL 883, XL 883 Low, XL 883 R and XL 883 Custom will enjoy excellent throttle response and a smoother ride. The three Sportster 1200 models also benefit from cleaner running due to the Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection system.

Sportsters are powered by the XL Evolution V-Twin engine, rubber-mounted in the frame to reduce vibration and tuned for response and maximum street performance. The transmission is integrated with the powertrain and helical-cut gears mesh quietly with light weight dog rings sliding easily to reduce shift effort.

All Harley-Davidson models for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region feature an upgraded security system as standard. The new Harley-Davidson Smart Security System offers hands-free operation courtesy of a proximity sensor that detects the presence of the security fob.

L 883 Sportster 883

All 2007 Sportster 883 models are retuned for increased performance, including this most understated and affordable Harley-Davidson model. New cams enable the Sportster 883 to generate more torque at lower revs, giving the rider greatly improved throttle response and better performance in the normal operating zone of around 2,500 rpm. With the addition of electronic fuel injection and reductions in clutch lever and brake lever effort, the Sportster 883 will provide a most responsive ride. New gauges allow the Sportster 883 rider to better track mileage and the time, courtesy of a low fuel warning light and clock function.

The Sportster 883 combines performance with no-nonsense Harley-Davidson styling cues such as the distinctive “peanut” fuel tank, chrome, staggered dual shorty exhaust, sleek solo seat and chrome laced wheels. The Sportster 883 is offered in four solid colours for 2007.

XL 883R Sportster 883R

It is the racing history of the Sportster family and the Harley-Davidson XR-750 flat-track racers, that fuel the 2007 XL Sportster 883R design. A fuel-injected 883cc Evolution V-Twin powertrain with new cams for better performance is finished in wrinkle-black powdercoat. New gauges include a clock on the odometer, low fuel warning light and two trip set odometers. Front brake lever effort is reduced by 14 per cent and clutch lever effort is eight per cent easier. The black 13-spoke cast aluminium wheels, headlamp “eyebrow”, air cleaner cover and oil tank are all finished in black. The original Harley-Davidson racing-inspired graphics on the fuel tank are inspired by the track and look awesome on the street. Available for 2007 in Vivid Black, Mirage Orange Pearl or Pewter Pearl.

XL 883L Sportster 883 Low
The XL 883L Sportster 883 Low goes even lower for 2007. A seat height of just 641mm, new rear shocks, new front fork springs and damper tubes, new jiffy stand and new foot pegs with feelers combine to make the XL 883L the lowest Sportster ever. These ergonomics provide precise handling for riders who enjoy a narrow, agile motorcycle. Adding electronic fuel injection, new cams, new gauges and reduced clutch and brake lever effort lets the Sportster 883 Low inspire a confident ride. Offered in eight solid colours for 2007 with a special tank graphic.

L 883C Sportster 883 Custom
A sleek look combined with a custom style for the street make the Sportster 883 Custom a distinctive ride for 2007. Topped by a 17 litre fuel tank and two-up seat, the XL Sportster 883C is powered by a fuel-injected 883cc Evolution engine with new cams for instant throttle response and performance. Reduced clutch and brake lever effort on forward controls and pullback handlebars provide a low profile, laid-back ride. 21 inch chrome laced front wheel and cast aluminium slotted disc rear wheel are standard. Choose from five solid and three two-tone paint combinations.

XL 1200R Sportster 1200 Roadster
The XL Sportster 1200 Roadster adds electronic fuel injection to its already high performing, rubber-mounted 1200cc Evolution engine. New gauges are added to a high-mount tachometer and longer handlebar wires allow for easier customisation. Brake lever effort is reduced by 14 per cent and clutch lever effort is improved by eight per cent to enhance an already quick and agile ride. Dual front disc brakes and chrome laced wheels are standard. Offered in seven solid colour choices for 2007.

XL 1200L Sportster 1200 Low

The XL 1200L Sportster Low is a long and low motorcycle with plenty of power and style. Low-rise handlebars and a low two-up seat provide comfortable ergonomics. The reduced clutch and brake lever effort makes the 1200 Low a relaxed ride. Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI) provides smooth operation. The 1200cc rubber-mounted XL Evolution engine combines with a 17 litre tank for a long, comfortable riding range. New instruments include a new clock, low fuel warning light and two trip set odometers, while longer handlebar wires readily provide for more customisation options. Chrome laced wheels add style and mid-mounted foot controls offer comfort for a wide range of riders. Five solid and three two-tone colour options are offered for 2007.

XL 1200C Sportster 1200 Custom

A powerful and stylish performer, the XL Sportster 1200 Custom features a 17 litre fuel tank and fuel injected XL Evolution 1200cc engine. Upgraded gauges include a new clock, low fuel warning light and two trip set odometers, while longer handlebar wires provide for more customisation options. Reduced clutch and brake lever effort make the XL 1200C that much more fun to ride. Chrome laced 21 inch front wheel, chrome slotted disc rear wheel, forward controls and low-rise handlebars take to the street in high custom style. Eight solid and four two-tone colour options are offered for 2007.