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Start topping up the pounds with Taylor Wimpey's money-saving tips

11th February 2017 Print

Whether you’re saving for a deposit on a new home, looking to trade up to a bigger property or whether you have simply made a resolution to become more frugal, January is a great time to start making plans for ways to cut back at home over the upcoming year.

So if you’re looking for some different ways to add to your savings, leading housebuilder Taylor Wimpey has some top tips to help you make the pounds count during 2017.

Nikki Gibson, Sales and Marketing Director for Taylor Wimpey Oxfordshire, says: “Saving for a house deposit can sometimes seem a daunting task, whether you’re a first-time buyer or sizing up to a larger property, and many people just don’t know where to start.

“But we’ve come up with some great tips for making easy and simple cutbacks at home that’ll see those pounds add up over the course of the year.”

- Change how and when you shop. It can take some getting used to, but try to time your purchases out of line with the seasons – buy winter clothes during the summer, barbeques and gardening tools in the winter, and festive decorations in January. Most items will have been reduced in price and you’ll rack up the savings.

- Start couponing. When you come across a coupon in your local paper or magazine, cut it out and save it for later. There’s bound to be a time that it’ll come in handy, and the more coupons you collect, the more you’ll save. If you’re looking for some extra inspiration, try watching extreme couponing for more tips.

- Pay household bills by direct debit. Most utility companies will offer a discount if you opt to pay via a monthly direct debit, so why not select one day in the month for all household costs to be paid? Not only will you save money, but it’ll help towards monthly budgeting too.

- Use an app to manage your heating. If you often use a timer but you’re running late or have last-minute plans, your heating could be wasted on an empty house. With an app you can switch your heating on and off from your phone wherever you are, and there’s no need to change suppliers.

- Make your own lunch. Those supermarket lunches everyday all add up, and not to mention those pub treats. Why not use leftovers from last night’s meal or make your own sandwiches to take to work? You’ll see the savings in no time, spending in a week what you otherwise might spend in a day by preparing in advance.

- Do your grocery shopping online. When you shop online there’s less chance of being swayed by marketing promotions in the aisles and adding unnecessary treats into your basket. You can even save your list and buy the same items each week which will make monthly budgeting even easier.

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