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Top 10 things to consider when planning a wedding

29th March 2017 Print

There are, of course, a great many more than just ten things to consider when planning a wedding. Realistically, the number goes well into the hundreds, but there are nonetheless certain considerations that can and will have a much bigger impact than others. 

So to assist a little with prioritisation if nothing else, here’s a brief overview of the 10 most important considerations when planning that perfect wedding:

1. The Date

First up, setting the date carries huge significance for your big day. You’ll need to think carefully about things like the kind of weather to expect, peak/low-season pricing, proximity to public holidays, time off work/school for guests and so on. Don’t fall into the trap of simply picking a date at random. 

2. The Venue

Along with traditional indoor venues, you might want to consider hiring a marquee for an event guaranteed to be unforgettable. There are hundreds of wedding marquee hire companies dotted all over the UK. Just a few examples include in Yorkshire you have Blue Sky Event Solutions, in the Midlands you have West Country Marquees and in Devon and Cornwall you have Coast 2 Coast Marquees

3. Guest List

The primary catalyst for arguments and conflict along the way, you’ll need to start getting your guest list in order very, VERY early. And it’s wise to accept from the get-go that much as you’d like to, you simply will not be able to invite everyone you can think of. 

4. Type of Wedding

Religious or civil service? Themed wedding or standard? Indoors or outdoors? There’s a lot to take into account and plenty of options available to you, so feel free to let your imagination run wild. 

5. Save the Date

Along with setting the date, you need to get the message out to absolutely everyone on your guest list that this will indeed be the date of your wedding. Even before you get busy with the invitations (which we’ll come to later), make sure everyone has the date locked in at least six months before the big day. 

6. Special Roles

If you intend to have ushers, bridesmaids and so on, you’ll also need to ponder who you’ll be nominating ahead of time. You might be surprised just how much you find yourself rethinking and questioning your decisions, so leave plenty of time. 

7. Clothing 

Never underestimate just how long it takes to find, try on and have adjusted the perfect wedding gown. Not to mention, all those important accessories. The earlier you can get this part of the process started, the better! 

8. Photographer

The quality and capabilities of photographers from one to the next really are night and day. Price will always be a key consideration, but be sure to choose a photographer in accordance with their capabilities, reputation and evidence that they really can deliver the goods. 

9. Music/Entertainment

Options are limitless when it comes to entertainment. Whether it’s a high-priced band, a local DJ or simply a playlist of your own favourite songs handled by a guest nominated to help out for the evening, it’s all about you, your guests and what you’d like to enjoy at the event. 

10. Invitations

Last up, the process of choosing, sourcing, writing and sending wedding invitations never fails to take so much longer than most expect. It can be an enjoyable part of the process, but nonetheless has the potential to turn stressful if you’re not meticulously organised. So once again, start as far ahead of time as possible, in order to minimise potential complications.