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3 unusual uses for steel buildings

26th October 2017 Print

For business owners, there are many different uses for steel buildings, which just shows how flexible they are as a building structure. Whether you are needing to put up a new structure in record time or desirous of cutting the costs on an additional building plan, steel is hard to argue with as a replacement option compared to bricks and mortar or wood for smaller structures. 

Here are three unusual uses for steel buildings that might surprise you.

1. Dog Boarding and Daycare

For single-parent homes and homes where both parents are out at work all day, managing their dog(s) when they cannot take them with them to work is a real problem. With a life where most people live a considerable distance from their families, they also cannot rely on any help there. In which case, a dog daycare center is useful.

Dog owners can place their dog at a daycare center. When they go away for a vacation to a place that isn’t pet-friendly, then the same facility probably offers boarding options too. These kinds of locations benefit from a steel structure because it is put up quickly and configured to the exact requirement of the owner. The needs of a dog boarding or daycare center are clearly very different to other types of businesses, so finding a suitable location is a nightmare without this option. 

2. Dealerships

The car dealership is an ideal candidate for using steel buildings because they rely on an open plan interior to fit several vehicles inside. Showrooms tend to switch out which vehicles they put on display. The building can be configured to have glass windows on the front offering a wide, unobstructed view of their best cars to passersby. 

Along with showroom area, there must be space for the salespeople to have office cubicles and sit-down spots to discuss deals with customers, price up features, and make the final sale. The roof also must survive the varied weather, including strong storms, because falling debris from a damaged roof could wreck the valuable cars below. Fortunately, steel buildings can be constructed to offer protection against tremors and high winds. 

3. Stables & Riding Arenas

For horse owners, having a place to keep horses, their equestrian equipment, and other necessary items, like an ample supply of dry hay, is important. Covered stables have an expansive look to them, but they come with stalls for each horse and an open area through the center to walk horses in and out of the stables. The design of horse stables is well suited to steel structures.

With riding arenas, these need to be spacious enough to perform regular exercises for the horses and in some cases, spacious to trot, canter or even jump in preparation for competitions and events. 

The different ways that steel buildings are used is virtually endless. Any requirement that includes more of an open plan approach with spacious areas or the ability to customize occasionally (or often) with minimal difficulty, is served well with this type of structure.