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Brits’ simply need to get outside more and drop the hermit-lifestyle for a longer life

26th November 2017 Print
Dr.Dunner phytovitality range

The Swiss are renowned for living a healthy outdoor-based lifestyle, with the longest lifespan in Europe. Swiss brand, Dr.Dünner, specialists in natural plant-based supplements, have carried out a health and lifestyle survey of 1,000 UK adults to see how we compare.

Most shockingly, the survey revealed that almost three quarters (70%) of Brits do not get out of the office at all during their working day and near to an astounding fifth of respondents (19.8%) choose not to spend any of their spare time outside either. When it comes to exercise, 67% of Brits agree that regular exercise is key to living a longer life, however, 24% of people exercise less than 5 times per month (once per week).

It’s not all bad though! Close to three quarters (69%) of respondents also said that eating healthily is key to a longer life and nearly a third (30%) of us are getting our 5 a day with a further 44% sometimes achieving the feat. The majority of us are also making a concerted effort to drink 2-2.5 litres a day (69%) but interestingly, over half (51%) do not take any vitamins or supplements.

Despite the more alarming statistics, when comparing overall survey figures to their Swiss counterparts, Dr.Dünner established that the UK often come out on top. We get our 5 a day more often, drink more water and even do more exercise. However, it’s our reluctance to embrace nature and get outside that seems to be the key influence to our health and stress levels – even though nearly half (48%) agreed that science and nature can work together when it comes to a healthier lifestyle.

Robert Bastong, Managing Director of Dr.Dünner said: “In Switzerland we have the Alps, beautiful lakes and idyllic scenery so it’s unsurprising that we like to spend so much time in nature and appreciate it so much! What was more surprising was how few differences there are between the UK and the Swiss in terms of lifestyle, the only significant difference being in attitudes towards nature and the great outdoors.

“However, the essence of that Swiss attitude to nature is something Dr.Dünner has been putting into practice for 69 years. Our herbal health products are developed in line with the science based principles of phytotherapy, which taps into the health-giving properties of plants and herbs. Many of the plants and herbs in our products are sourced right here in Switzerland, so now we’ve launched our Phytovitality brand in the UK perhaps Brits can take advantage of some of the Swiss secrets to a long life!”

Dr.Dünner’s new Phytovitality product range is now available to purchase in health stores and online at

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Dr.Dunner phytovitality range