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You're travelling. So should your fitness routine

1st March 2018 Print

If you find yourself travelling as a fitness addict, it can sometimes be difficult to ensure that you're doing the same amount of exercise on the road as you would do at home. However, your body is accustomed to certain things, and so is your mind. If you've got your routines, here are a few ways to avoid giving them up.

Modify Your Routines

Okay, so you might not have your gym on your travels but you will have other options. If a gym and its equipment are important to you, doing basic research about the area you'll be staying in or even your accommodation could solve that problem.

Holidays can also be a fun opportunity to shake up your routine - chances are the weather will be better, with plenty of opportunities for an outdoor swim. Incorporate beach runs, "extreme" sports like surfing, and other fun things that you might not be able to do back home. Finally, create small workouts that you can do in your room, even if all else fails.

Find Fitness Work Overseas

If you're going to be living somewhere new and your travels are long-term, finding a new routine is probably your best bet. Leaving your favourite gym can be hard but that doesn't need to be the end of your fitness road. 

Travel is often an adventure and, as with any new journey, it could be time for a change. Could you incorporate fitness into your lifestyle further by looking into various fitness-related careers? There's plenty of advice available online at The Fitness Associates or jobs to be found on the job boards in the country you're at. Fancy yourself as a PT in a sunny, faraway land? Now could be your chance. 

Alternatively, you could start your own fitness-based business, perfect for nomadic life on the road. Options include fitness guru, coach, or blogger.

Eat Right

Remember what they say... abs are made in the kitchen. However, it can be super tempting to indulge while you're on holiday. If you're away for the short term, there's nothing wrong with a little treat. But you need to ensure that you don't get into any unbreakable habits that you'll find it hard to get out of.

A lot of countries are brilliant for fresh, local produce - you just need to make sure you have access to it. Before you go, research the restaurants in the areas you'll be visiting. If none cater to healthy diets, you'll want to ensure that you have access to cooking facilities instead. This can be difficult depending on your budget so be sure to read reviews on Tripadvisor. Most hotels won't allow you to use a kitchen, whereas many hostels and apartments will.

If fitness means a lot to you, it's not just something you'll do at home. You'll do it everywhere, throughout life.