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Diet tips for a healthy lifestyle

25th June 2018 Print

A healthy lifestyle generally improves your health and wellbeing, keeps you energetic and builds up your immune system. While regular, positive routines such as exercises and adequate sleep are vital to a healthy lifestyle, the foundations of a strong and fit body is good nutrition. 

The expression, “we are what we eat”, says a lot about how important the food that you consume is in shaping  your entire wellbeing. Simply put, food is the most basic source of one’s strength, and the quality of the food you consume determines the quality of life you live. The diet tips discussed in this article are, therefore, paramount to your goal of finally achieving true healthy living.

Drink lots of water

This is perhaps the most common piece of diet advice, and yet, it just can’t be emphasized enough how important it is to adopt this habit. With water being vital for hydration, drinking lots of it helps the body to function properly and dilutes concentrated minerals that may become hazardous in high quantity.

With regards to weight loss, drinking less water causes your body to regularly activate its water retention mechanism, which actually causes an increase in weight. If you, however, drink lots of water, the body’s metabolic process is further optimized and your weight is better maintained.

Diet combination matters more than the number of calories

It’s normal to see many people trying to gauge the quality of a meal by calculating the number of calories in it, and while this is acceptable if weight loss is the priority, it shouldn’t be the sole criteria for assessing a meal that is intended to boost one’s overall health.

When it comes to eating a healthy meal, your priority should be ensuring that the food contains all the six classes in the right proportions. Only when that aspect has been understood and gauged should the number of calories be assessed.

Eat only when hungry but don’t wait until you’re starving

Eating when you’re already full is a bad habit and an unpleasant lifestyle choice. You should always wait until you’re actually hungry before consuming a meal. What you don’t want to do, however, is let your hunger grow and reach the point of starvation before eating. 

This can be very dangerous because it makes it difficult for you to wait for a healthy cooked meal and simply encourages you to eat any junk food within your reach. There is no point in starving yourself if it only means that you end up eating any type of food in sight.

Eat foods with plenty of Vitamin E

Vitamin E is perhaps the least known member of the vitamin family yet the role it plays is  quite important for good overall health.

Principally functioning as a natural lubricant for the body, it also serves as a defence tool against the actions of free radicals present in the body. Acting as a sort of catalyst, Vitamin E speeds up the process by which these radicals are neutralised and made harmless.

Failure to consume fruits that contain a high amount of Vitamin E can lead to a deficiency, which is characterized by vision issues, muscle weakness, numbness, and immune system anomalies, which is why Vitamin E must be a mainstay in every meal you eat.

Examples of food that contain Vitamin E include: pine nuts, avocado, broccoli, and spinach.

Eat right even if you work-out consistently

Many people assume that engaging in regular workouts is an excuse to give in to their cravings for junk foods. Those who embrace this philosophy are simply overestimating the number of calories that they burn in each workout session.

There is a reason why a comprehensive weight loss program involves both multiple sessions of rigorous exercises and, of course, a structured diet plan. Failure to incorporate the latter into your weight loss program is simply going to mean a futile effort on your part.

A healthy lifestyle is paramount  to enjoy the best of life, and applying these diet tips is the first step to achieving that life goal. 

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