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4 of the best teamworking events for employees

10th May 2018 Print

There are many reasons that teamworking events are great for employees. It gets them out of the workplace for a day which can be a good break for them and a great de-stress, especially if you have been extremely busy. It improves the general wellbeing of your team and it brings them closer, especially great if you are a new team or have a few new starters. It is also beneficial for your business as better teamwork means better profits and happier workers. 

Sport Activities

Not only does this involve promoting a healthy lifestyle but is also an easy way to encourage teamwork and healthy competition. There are sporting activities for every employee’s interest, getting them out of that desk chair and moving around. Employees won’t even know they are improving their teamworking skills as they bounce, kick or row themselves to victory. Also, exercise of any kind is guaranteed to improve everyone’s mood. This can be done come rain or shine as there are many sporting activities that can be played indoors such as rock climbing and dodgeball. You may even want to start your own sports team with your company, a great way to meet once a week out of work and socialise in a healthy environment.

Social Outing

This may not seem like a teamworking event, but even organising a place that everyone wants to go as well as a time and date means a lot of teamwork and changes to suit everyone’s needs. It may not have a valuable lesson like some team building exercises, but it does encourage staff to talk outside of work and improves the general spirit of employees. Going to the cinema, for a few drinks or to a restaurant after work can be a good way to unwind and encourage teamwork in a more relaxed way. Employees that feel more relaxed with each other out of the work place will be able to talk to each other about problems and solutions more openly, making for better teamwork.

Game and Team Activities

Whether you venture out to a venue or have someone come to you, team building activities can break the ice and encourage employees to speak to each other and have fun at the same time. This will encourage team spirit and leadership and develop confidence in employees. Games and puzzles which must be solved by different employees working together or against each other can do wonders for how your team works together in the workplace. Getting involved in team development exercises like these from Team Tactics will ensure you get the results you want, and your employees will have a bundle of fun.

Outdoor Adventures

This is a great way to get out the office for a day and do something different. Being stuck in with the summer sun outside can be frustrating, so use this as a way to not only improve everyone’s mood but as a way to strengthen their teamwork. There are many outdoor activities that encourage teamwork and are fun such as kayaking and climbing. You may even want to do a camping retreat and plan your own activities that encourage people to work together, especially those who do not usually speak. Every company has friendship groups and sometimes breaking these down in team building exercises can encourage other employees to open up more, especially those who usually take a back seat. 

Teamworking improves communication and morale and can help you and your employees see where strengths and weaknesses lie to be better as an overall team of employees, supporting each other. It can also be fun and a great break from work to get everyone back on track.