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Peugeot Boxer vans take up front line duties

4th June 2009 Print
Peugeot Boxer Van Peugeot vans featuring reinforced bodywork, glass and tyres are to take up front line duties protecting officers at Northumbria Police.

The twelve 4-tonne Boxer vans supplied by Peugeot’s Special Vehicle Operations division will be used as Police Support Unit (PSU) carriers and will transport officers tasked with maintaining public order and crowd control at events such as parades, demonstrations and football matches. They will also be deployed in the event of civil emergencies, working in partnership with other ‘blue light’ services.

Each vehicle is on 24 hour standby, and is specially designed to carry specialised kit that includes protective shields, helmets, uniforms, communications equipment, fire extinguishers and first aid. They will each spend up to five years and around 100,000 miles with the Force’s six Area Command Units from Berwick in the north to Sunderland in the south and Hexham in the west.

The Boxers will also form the force’s front line mutual aid resource, meaning that if Northumbria is called upon to assist another police force, these vehicles will be the ones despatched, and could therefore end up working across the UK, if required.

Peugeot Special Vehicle Operations arranged for the original Boxer vans to be specifically converted into the dedicated PSU carriers, fitting grilles to windows, strengthening bodywork and reinforcing glass and tyres. All feature hi-visibility chevrons and markings, plus lights and sirens and the Northumbria Police crest.

Keith Wilson, Fleet Manager at Northumbria Police, said: “We chose the Peugeot vans as we found that they can carry more equipment than previous vehicles, thanks to their squarer shape. Peugeot’s simple one-stop-shop service was also very appealing, as it made the purchasing process as simple and straightforward as possible.”

“Finally, they also have a stronger front axle than our previous vans, which means we can distribute weight more evenly within the vehicle,” added Keith. “Due to their 24 hour rapid response role, these vehicles frequently operate fully laden and carry nine police officers, so it’s important that they are comfortable to travel in and handle safely on the road.”

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Heavy duty 440 L4 H2 120 Boxer model
Maximum axle weights – Front 2,100kg / Rear 2,400kg
Load space increased to 15m3
Gross vehicle weight 4.0 tonne
Class leading payload weight of 1900kg
Length – 6363mm, height – 2524mm, width (incl. door mirrors) – 2508mm

Peugeot’s ‘heavy duty’ Boxer van is powered by a 2.2 litre 120bhp (HDi 120) diesel engine with a manual six-speed gearbox.

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Peugeot Boxer Van