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What are the most efficient ways to heat your commercial building?

17th October 2018 Print

When autumn and winter roll around, the seasons bring a distinct chill with them. Even if you’re working in an office that looks like it could withstand the strongest storms, those cold winds can still creep in if left unchecked. Of course, no one can possibly feel like working in these kinds of conditions.

In the end, the temperature of your building can influence the productivity of your staff, as well as their overall satisfaction. Consequently, here are the most efficient ways to heat your company’s indoors! 

Basics First 

While specialist heating equipment goes along way, the basics should never be completely neglected. For example, during working hours keep curtains and blinds wide open and let any sunlight in. Then, when it starts to get darker as the nights come earlier, close them, as this will boost your buildings chances of retaining all the heat that’s flowing through the building. 

Additionally, remove any obstructions that can be blocking your radiators; desks, break room sofas, chairs etc. If any of your workers look to be ‘hogging’ the radiators, ask that they step aside. They’re not rest stops, and you don’t want to be blocking the heat from circulating the room. Ultimately, make sure the heat is actually getting in from the usual sources and that the space around those areas is completely clear. 

B2B Deals

If the cold is still getting into your corporate premises, know that you’re not alone and that help is out there. After all, there are companies that provide quality commercial heating equipment perfectly designed for your company’s needs, and this kind of B2B trade can be a big warm plus for your firm. Even better, they save energy while keeping you warm too, making them one of the more energy efficient options out there. 

Whether it’s wall hung boilers or hot water cylinders, there’s a four-hour breakdown response time and fully inclusive cover with this kind of deal. Of course, if any equipment does unfortunately kick the bucket during the colder months, no reasonable person would be expected to withstand the chill till winter’s end. This kind of support can be hard to come by, so taking advantage of it quickly will minimise the risks of you and your staff being cold through winter.  

Designate a Thermostat Monitor

Warmth is secured through consistency. Therefore, the thermostat in your commercial building can make a big difference here. Of course, different people like different temperatures, so it’s inadvisable to make your workplace warmer or colder without asking your workers first. First casually enquire in person or via email on what they think the temperature should be, then aim for the agreed or median number on the thermostat.

It might seem childish, but sometimes just asking one employee to be on the ball with the agreed thermostat changes can make a huge difference. Subsequently, whether it’s the loyal do-gooder or the office suck-up who’s eager to please, give one of your workers the responsibility of controlling the temperature in the room. This will prevent any arguments or random changes to the temperature, and at least keep everyone warm.