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3 jobs that you can do from home

19th November 2018 Print

If you need more flexibility with your time, then you may want to find a job that you can do at home. Far away from the office 9 to 5, these jobs can help you to regain your freedom and make money from the comfort of your own home. Check these roles out and see which one takes your fancy…

Social Media Consultant 

In today’s digital world, you can consult and meet with clients from just about anywhere with an internet connection. Those looking to hire a consultant are more interested in the quality of your work, rather than where you are located. Building up a strong portfolio makes it simple for people to hire you, no matter where you’re located. 

This kind of job can give you a lot more flexibility, as long as you’re producing the right results for your clients. Keep up to date with the latest trends and make sure you have case studies of what you can do to bring in more clients. The world of social media is always changing, so if you want to be the best then you have to know your platforms well. 

PCB Designer

There’s high demand out there for PCB design services as these circuit boards are used in almost everything electronic! Designers that can take a brief for these products and create a printable board design can really earn a lot of money. While this can be time consuming to learn initially, you can speed up the process with a range of tools. 

This can potentially give you the edge over the competition and allow you to complete similar jobs in shorter time frames. This can allow you to cost jobs cheaper and earn more money. This kind of design is always needed by electronic manufacturers, so there’s a lot of work out there for those that want it. 

Personal Assistant 

There are many people out there that are just too busy to organise their own diary! This is where a PA can come in helpful and you can do this remotely too. There are apps out there that will even send phone calls to an office to a pre-set mobile number, so you can take these calls on the go. This can be a benefit to those that don’t have a team in an office at all times but still want to appear professional to their clients. 

With the right contacts, you can even do this for several different clients at once. This can help you to more effectively use your working time, as you can switch between these clients to make up more hours in your day. If you prefer to work at different times of the day, such as the evening, you can work with those in different time zones. 

Working from home can allow you a lot more freedom in your day to day life, while still bringing in the money that you need to support yourself. Consider these roles if you want to break free from your current schedule.