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How to make your office more eco-friendly

23rd March 2023 Print

Aside from adopting some eco-friendly measures at home, you can also bring that to the office. Introducing an eco-friendly lifestyle to the office doesn't cost so much. You would be surprised at how cheap living green can be.

However, little things make the difference when it comes to becoming environmentally friendly. For instance, introducing a paperless workplace can reduce the damage done to the climate. Remember, paper is made from trees. To run an eco-friendly office, do the following:

Unplug devices after the close of work

Not everyone knows that when a device is still plugged into the socket, it consumes energy. When you leave the office, do leave the appliances plugged into the wall. Reducing your energy consumption and increasing your profit is a good idea. 

Introduce indoor plant

Introducing indoor plants is not just for decoration, but it will make your office greener. The air quality in your office will improve. Also, the ambiance of your office will improve. Nevertheless, you must ensure that the plants you are using are suitable for an office. 

Use LED bulbs

One way to increase your energy efficiency is to use LED bulbs in the office. Remove all incandescent lights and replace them with energy-saving bulbs. Your energy bills will drastically drop if you do this. 

Keep shades open during the day

Instead of switching on the lights during the day, open the windows and pull the shades in your office. In other words, use natural sunlight. Don't forget that natural sunlight is good for your health. However, this measure will not be advisable if the weather is cold. Opening the shades is suitable during summer. 

Set up an eco-friendly way to commute.

One of the things that cause more harm to the environment is carbon emissions. To reduce the carbon footprint of your staff, you can set up a bicycle rack for them. Encourage your staff to use bicycles for official duties where possible. Besides, riding a bicycle will make them more physically active. 

Set up a taskforce

You may need to set up a task force to ensure compliance before implementing an eco-friendly office. Their mandate may not be to punish staff who don't comply but to encourage compliance. Remember, switching to eco-friendly living takes quite a lot of effort and requires constant encouragement. 

Patronize local restaurants to offer organic snacks

If your company provides snacks or lunch breaks for their employees, you could gradually introduce organic snacks. Reach out to food vendors that source their ingredients locally. By doing so, you will be encouraging local farmers. 

Appreciate green behavior

To encourage green behavior, you need to appreciate staff that is adopting it faster. When you appreciate your staff that is living green, others will want to be appreciated too. Also, make sure the prize is worth it to get others to follow suit.


It is not easy to introduce green practice in your office, but it is doable. The perception is that living green should be done only at home. If you introduce these tips, it helps your office reduce expenses and also makes the environment a better place. Finally, you can contact Greenly to help incorporate other eco-friendly measures into your office. 

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