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4 Best Colors to Paint Productivity in Your Home Office

7th July 2020 Print

More people are choosing to work home-based or taking their work home to grind at their own pace, relax, and spend time with family. While this approach seems incredible and innovative, it has its complications. Not everyone will like to work from home as there can be tremendous distractions, noise, disturbances, improper seating, lethargy, zero activity, and little to no motivation. And to fix that up, people read productivity inducing tips and tricks, fix up an office, and try other means. However, for some, productivity is still not met. The problem can be with the paint of the home office. 

Yes, the color that your office is painted with can influence your mind and work. Colors play significant roles in daily life and have meanings and stimulus. They are used in different sectors that affect people to carry out some action; for example, sales sections in retail use bright colors that demand action. Hence, here are some colors picked by experts that can be a game-changer in your work-from-home routine and help you make more bucks:


Purple is an intense color, and though it has several shades on its palette, it can always provide confidence. It is a charming color and is already used in bedrooms and playrooms to make the areas lively. The color gives off radiating vibes that can influence your mind to think positively and develop creative ideas easily. 

However, make sure that your work resonates with such a playful color. Salons, designing, writing, or other creativity-demanding and client-interacting works can benefit from this shade. But jobs that demand urgency may not advantage from it.


A color falling between black and white and composing psyches from both is gray. It creates a perfect balance for someone who can’t have black or white. But gray also has a few options ranging from dark to light that can have different influences. 

Light gray or blue-gray is a calming color that dismisses rush and induces peace and creativity. And as for dark shades of gray, they can give off a feeling of sadness and melancholy. It offers creativity to only a few and strikes more of a serious environment. 

Pastel Yellow

There is nothing sad about yellow; in fact, it is the best color for encouraging creativity and productivity. Pastel yellow from its other shades screams creativity, fun, and excitement. So if your work is one that demands these kinds of feelings and thoughts, then it can be a great color to paint on. As a painting strategy, you can accent the yellow color with white and brown to create an artistic look that motivates you to step into your office early in the morning and perform exceptionally. 


Teal is a mix of blue and green. And both colors are associated with workplaces in one shade or another. Though this combo is light and subtle, it has various tones to it and can be chosen to display different kinds of influences. Teal is an excellent color for emphasizing daily productivity. It gives off a serene and peaceful feeling in the lighter tones and empowerment in darks. So make sure to contact your local painter as Paysons Painting and get the hue that accents your work right. 


While pink might be a bold move for even some ladies to have it in their home office, different shades of coral provide the same level of productivity and drive. Coral originates from orange yet has several shades of pink as well. This color might not be your first choice, but looking at such a bright color in the morning can provide you energy and passion that can last the whole day.