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What inspires you: Where to draw inspiration when decorating your home

4th February 2019 Print

When it comes to decorating your home, everyone faces the dilemma of where to start and what particular design style is right for them. Well, there are so many choices and directions that you can go that it can be a little overwhelming! And although designers are seen as geniuses in their own right, they still need inspiration to not only get themselves inspired but to get the public audience inspired as well!

People have all types of different things that get them inspired, and you experience it every day not even realizing it. We get inspired by food every day! A simple conversation about dinner options might inspire you to have the same meal your friend is having because you haven’t eaten that in a while.

There are so many different people, places, and things that can be the inspiration for interior design. Some inspirations are very unique and specialized in the direction you want your design theme to go, while other directions of inspiration might be very abstract. However you look at it, inspiration is key.

You can decorate your home to look like it came directly out of a magazine! There won’t be anyone there to say you stole a particular look! That’s what inspiration is for, and isn’t that the best form of flattery? If you’re on the market to redecorate your home, consider these avenues of decor inspiration.

Travel: Locations All Over the World

To get inspiration from travel, it doesn’t mean that you have physically had to travel to these particular destinations… you can just be inspired by a destination simply because of where it’s located. For example, just because you enjoy the philosophy behind Feng Shui, that doesn’t mean that you need to live and experience China first. You just enjoy the design philosophy behind it.

Some great ways to incorporate a travel theme into your home decor is to strategically place travel items around your home. You can get vintage suitcases and stack them up as an end table. You can also drill those suitcases into a wall and use them as shelves to display other travel items such as a globe!

Now, if you are a travel connoisseur and have experienced some of the most luxurious hotels during your travels, you can incorporate a little bit of luxury into your bedroom by way of luxury bedding. The bedding will be so soft that it will surely take you back that relaxing night of slumber during your trip. The great thing is that you can find luxury bedding that’s customizable to your design style.

Blogs: Learn From Designers and Design Enthusiasts

The wonderful world of blogging has reached new heights. The creators of these blogs are either designers themselves, DIY’ers, or at least design enthusiasts that have a self-proclaimed title of a designer. Regardless of their actual title, these people have turned something that may have started out as a hobby, into a full-time job.

When you have a project to tackle but have no idea how to get it started, it can be quite helpful, and bring a bit of relief to see someone else who was in your shoes doing it. It makes you a little more comfortable with your project when you have that guidance on how to properly furnish your home, as well as decorate it.

Nature: Bring the Outdoors Indoors

The addition of the outdoors brought indoors is always a great design combination. Nature just doesn’t make any mistakes and is a great way to pull some inspiration. The color of the leaves might inspire your kitchen and living room, while the brightly colored wings of a beautiful butterfly might be the inspiring color palette of your next bedroom decor project. If you definitely want to incorporate a little bit of nature in your home decor, go outside for a walk, and by all means, take it all in!

Fashion: From the Runway to Your Front Door

Fashion and home decor are closely related. Both showcase various textiles and fabrics, come in different textures and colors, and both keep up with the various trends that come and go! You may be someone who wears a lot of black and white… neutral colors. With that being your style of fashion, you’re more than likely to not stray too far away from that color palette when it comes to the design of your home. 

For home decor inspiration, it might be helpful to browse through just as many fashion magazines as you would home decor magazines! You might see a cowhide purse in a fashion magazine and it becomes an inspiration for your living room rug… you never know!