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4 major lifestyle trends for 2019

16th June 2019 Print

Some of the hottest lifestyle trends for 2019 are related to physical health, environmental awareness and convenient shopping. Car buyers are finally getting used to the idea of hybrid vehicles that offer the option for at least some all-electric travel. Safety in the home is another area where major trends are affecting how homes are designed, protected and maintained. There's even a renewed interest in preventing skin cancer, optimizing exercise routines and shopping the "smart" way. Here are five of the most important lifestyle trends of the year, many of which have been around for a while but are now gaining traction: 

Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles

Consumers are hard to figure out, especially when it comes to car preferences. After dallying with hybrid and all-electric vehicles for more than a decade now, automakers are finally seeing a pattern in consumer behavior. While a tiny segment of buyers opts for all-electric models and standard hybrids (that have small electric engines to enhance mpg), there appears to be a large number of people who like the idea of owning a plug-in hybrid-electric (PHEV) car. These vehicles are the best of both worlds because owners can cruise along on gas power alone until they decide to use pure-electric propulsion at the flip of a switch. With more than six major auto manufacturers all over the world now offering PHEVs, the cars are one of the year’s most important lifestyle trends. 

In-Home Elevators

Home elevators were once a rare thing to see but have been getting more and more popular this past decade. Homeowners are always searching for smart ways to boost resale value and get a functional upgrade at the same time. Just to cite one example, American residential elevators are witnessing demand growth that should extend into the next decade. What’s more, builders are getting used to the idea of elevators in new homes and designers no longer consider the devices rarities. One reason they’re catching on, besides being great value-enhancers, is the safety factor. Staircases can be hard to negotiate for small children and older folks. An in-home elevator is fashionable, safe and increases the resale value of any home. 

Heightened Interest in Skin Health

At some point in the last decade, consumers finally decided that they wanted to avoid getting skin cancer, which has led to a massive sales uptick for products like sun-block lotions, rejuvenating skin creams, vitamin supplements to enhance skin health and other, similar skin-friendly offerings. Everywhere you look, advertisers are touting the importance of avoiding the sun and “checking with a doctor” to make sure skin lesions are not dangerously cancerous. Watch for other products to join in this major lifestyle change

Groceries Delivered into Your Home

What was once considered impossibility is now real, and really popular: home delivery of groceries directly into private homes. Pioneered by online retailers who gained smart-lock access to drop packages inside people’s doors, in-home grocery delivery goes a step further. Sellers use Wi-Fi enabled locks to gain entry and then stock food items right into refrigerators. This trend just started taking off in early 2019 and shows no sign of slowing down.