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3 date ideas where you don't have to break the bank

5th February 2020 Print

Date night shouldn't have to be difficult to plan or difficult to afford. After all, cheaper and easier date nights will ultimately allow you to have more of them. However, picking the right location or activity can be a difficult task. We've identified three options as worthy alternatives to the popular but expensive choice of "dinner and a movie".

These activities are ideal for those couples who prefer to enjoy a relatively low-key Valentine's Day with a pleasant evening and a Moonpig card. Alternatively, these could be perfect options for that all-important first date, as they'll allow you to make a good first impression without needing to break the bank on someone that you may never see again - although hopefully it doesn't come to that!

If you're struggling to pick just one date night activity, then Betway Casino have created a handy date night decider to help with the process. The three options below are taken from the £0-£40 category, with the decider randomly picking out a date night activity that fits with your budget.


A picnic provides more of a chance for you to show your personality than in the sanitised environment of a restaurant. Pick the best location you can find - you may want to incorporate a scenic journey into the date. There are plenty of beautiful roads in the United Kingdom, including those that you'll often see on shows like Top Gear.

The food doesn't have to be anything too fancy, while the unpredictability and beauty of nature can help to keep the conversation flowing.


The beach can easily be combined with a picnic, although you'll obviously be restricted by geography. However, if you're lucky enough to live near one of the best beaches in the UK, such as the one near the Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks, then you should make the most of an always-popular natural attraction.

An evening spent on the beach is the perfect place for you to engage in meaningful conversations, or to have a carefree dip in the water. Just make sure you check the forecast on AccuWeather before you go!

Crazy Golf

This may depend on how competitive you or your partner gets, but crazy golf can be a fun way to spend a date night. claims that a bit of healthy competition can be a great way to keep sparks flying between you, while the sporting format ensures that your activity has a sense of progression.

Red Bull have identified 12 of the best courses in the UK, with many crazy golf venues now having interesting themes or clever gimmicks to spice up the action.

Don't feel pressured to blow your budget on just one night! Spending time is more important than spending money, so you'll want to be able to afford plenty of date nights in the months and years ahead if this person is the one for you.