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Exercises for toned legs

12th February 2020 Print

There are so many reasons a person decided to start exercising. No matter whether those reasons include health benefits or they solely focus on the aesthetics – the fact is that exercising is never a bad choice. 

When it comes to leg exercises, there are so many benefits aside from beautifully toned legs, butt and everything in between. Not only will these help you shape your legs but they will also improve your balance. That said, here are some of the best exercises for toned legs.


Squats are the best type of exercise that will help tone not just your legs but your butt, hips and abs as well. They are also a great exercise if you have back problems as they won’t put any additional strain on your back. To do them properly, you will need to stand with your feet hips-with apart and start squatting. Make sure that your back is straight all the time. For the best results, you shouldn’t do this exercise barefoot. Since your main support will be your feet, make sure you get a pair of the appropriate exercising shoes. If you’re looking for more information, you can find it on Walk jog run

Plank leg lifts

Plank exercises don’t have to focus solely on the upper body. Instead, if you add leg lifts to your regular planks, you will be toning down your entire body. There are three different ways you can do a plank leg lift. You can either get down on your hands and toes facing the ground and lift your leg back up, do the same while facing the ceiling instead or get on your side and lift each leg away from the rest of your body. All of these target other muscles individually, so you should combine all three for the best results. 


Lunges are an excellent way to tone your thighs, abs and butt. To do this exercise right you should make sure you step forward with one leg and bend it in the knee. The thigh of that leg should be parallel to the floor. You can outstretch your arms or rest them on your hips. You can either do this by stepping out and holding the position for as long as you can, or you can switch between the legs and hold for shorter periods of time. Either way, lunges promise great results yet they are fairly easy to do. 

Knee tucks

Knee tucks are another great way to tone your legs and abdomen. You can perform this exercise virtually anywhere. Sit comfortably on a chair – but make sure your back is straight. Firmly grip the seat of the chair, bend your knees and “tuck” them towards your chest. Alternatively, you can even get a stability ball and perform a similar exercise. Get into the plank position and rest your feet on the stability ball. Start bending your knees and tucking them towards your chest while rolling the ball closer to you. Do as many reps as you can. This will not only tone your legs and lower back but it will exercise your upper back as well.

Box jumps

Finally, box jumps are another great exercise but you will need to get a proper plyometric box. You perform this explosive exercise by jumping onto the box as many times as you can. However, make sure you do it right and drop your hips when you land on the box. If you lock your knees you run the risk of injuring yourself which is certainly something you wish to avoid. 

So, no matter the reasoning behind your work out efforts, give these exercises a try. Chances are you’ll end up liking them more than you think and the results they promise are certainly something you’ll fall in love with. 

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