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Reasons you should run a marathon

12th February 2020 Print

Clearly not everyone who ever ran a marathon did that with the sole intention of winning. So why are marathons so popular and why so many people decide to give them a shot? With so many people, it is difficult to talk about X reasons they have decided to do so – there are just so many different ones- But here are just some reasons you should consider running a marathon.

To prove to yourself that you can

One of the reasons many people decide to run a marathon is as simple as it sounds – just to prove to themselves that they can actually do it. Of course, you might not come out as a winner in a sense that you will be the first to make it to the finish line. But there is a sense of pride knowing that you were able to finish the marathon. Keep in mind that you should never push yourself beyond your limits, so if you need to take things slow and steady, make sure you do so.

To challenge yourself

Another good reason to run a marathon is to set yourself a challenge outside your usual daily activities. People can easily get stuck in a rut, which can become quite dull. So, challenge yourself this year and join a marathon. Get the right running equipment to make the experience that more pleasant and invest in a pair of good running shoes. If you are not quite sure which shoes would be best suited for a marathon, find more resources here. No matter if you finish first or last, tackling a challenge like this will make you feel great.

To be a part of something bigger than yourself

When you run a marathon, you are not just covering the distance between the start and the finish. You are actually being a part of something that’s bigger than yourself. The fact that there are so many people in one place who all have the same goal is simply amazing. You will feel like a part of the collective and you will be surprised how others will cheer you on once things become rough. A lot of people who decide to run a marathon are there just for the experience. And as much as they want to be able to finish it, they want others around them to succeed as well. For many of them, finishing a marathon is so much more than a race. 

To know how good you are compared to others

Moreover, any runner would like to know just how good they are. Running a marathon will offer you the chance to see just how well you are doing compared to so many other runners of different ages and fitness readiness. Being surrounded with so many excellent runners will motivate you to give your best as well. That way you can realistically assess your personal fitness level and progress. So, prior to running a marathon truly focus on your preparations. Once the marathon starts, forget all about the mileage and time and try to focus on the experience as a whole. Once you cross that finish line, the fact that you were able to do so will be a reward in itself. 

So, if you are considering running a marathon this year – go for it. You will be richer for an experience and far more satisfied with what you were able to achieve. If you are competitive, this will be an excellent opportunity to see how much you need to work on yourself to one day – hopefully – be the first one to cross that finish line. 

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