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Things to prepare before moving abroad

27th February 2020 Print

If you have just made the decision to move abroad, you will no doubt be feeling exhilarated and excited. There are so many exciting destinations out there, and the chance to experience a new way of life is very tempting. Of course, you may also feel a little daunted by the amount of work that will be involved in your move. The pressure can feel even greater if you will be moving with children. Whether for work or personal reasons, this makes it vital to get everything you need in order before the move itself. 

But what are the things you should be preparing before your big move abroad?

Work details

Of course, this is not an issue if you are retiring abroad to live. For many people, however, sorting out a new job is essential. This will not only give you money to live but also help you integrate into your new surroundings. As with most things, this really is best sorted out before you move if possible. If you are moving for work purposes, it is simpler as your employer will have a job arranged for you. If not, you may need to register with recruitment companies there or look at job sites online that are relevant to the country.

If you are self-employed and work from home, then it is merely a case of ensuring everything you need to make money will be available. Forex traders, for example, would need to make sure they have an internet connection in any new property and are registered with a trader who accepts customers from their new location. If you plan to move within Asia, OctaFX are one of the most well-known brokers in the region, and many of their clients would answer yes if asked, can you trust OctaFX?

VISAs and passports

Another essential job when you are moving abroad is to get your paperwork in order before you leave. The most obvious point is to research the situation around VISAs in the other country. If you need one to live and work there, make sure you submit your application in good time so that it is ready by the time you are leaving. It is also a good idea to check with the embassy of the country you are moving to if there are any additional paperwork requirements. 

Australia is a good example of a country which is popular for Brits to move to, but which requires the right paperwork in place to do so first. It is also wise to double-check your passport and ensure it is still valid. If it is out of date or does not have enough time left on to gain you entry into the new country, renew it in good time for leaving.

Save up extra money

This may sound a little obvious but some people do not begin saving for their move abroad until too late. This is not a good idea and could leave your bank account looking a bit sorry after the move itself. To get an idea of this, think about how much moving within the UK costs – when you then think about how much extra moving thousands of miles could cost, you get the idea. Make sure to have around six months’ worth of savings ready to cover moving costs and unforeseen emergencies when there. 

Schools and homes 

Perhaps the last two really crucial things to sort out before making any move are schools and homes. The property you move into will be crucial to how quickly you settle and how comfortable you feel in your new environment. Having somewhere homely to live before you set off will also save you the hassle of sorting it all out when you land. If you have children, then it is wise to arrange which school they will attend in advance as well. This, again, saves you the hassle of doing so when you first land and means your child can feel more settled by knowing which school they will be attending. 

With the right planning moving abroad is a breeze 

There is no doubt that moving abroad is a big undertaking which requires a lot of organisation. Although it may seem an insurmountable task, it can actually be done quite smoothly with the right planning. If you start to arrange the really vital things in plenty of time, you will find that the whole move gets much easier. All you then need to do is enjoy your new life!