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Five engagement ring myths

28th March 2020 Print

You've picked the person you want to spend your life with, congratulations! You've already finished the hardest part. Now you just have to find the perfect engagement ring to show how you feel.

However, finding the right ring for you and your significant other isn't exactly a walk in the park. So, we've compiled a list of 5 commonly touted myths and debunked them to help ease you into the realm of engagement rings.

Myth: Custom-made rings are more expensive

Did you know that jewelers have cutting-edge technology that allows them to create custom jewelry at much cheaper costs than years ago? Many jewelers and jewelry designers already use computer software to design their jewelry before acquiring the necessary metals and stones.

This allows you to see your custom-made engagement ring for adjustments before it's made. Most jewelry stores and jewelers also provide quotes over the phone and online so you can take your design and shop around for different quotes.

Myth: Color, clarity, cut, and carat are the most important

The 4 C's are probably the most common piece of advice given by pseudo-experts in jewelry and geology. The real professionals know that color, clarity, cut, and carat are only the beginning of the story told by every piece of jewelry.

Engagement rings are intensely intimate pieces of jewelry and the qualities that make them beautiful are wildly different from other types of jewelry. For the rest of your life, you or your significant other will be wearing the ring that you ultimately decide to purchase.

Does your significant other have bright green eyes that you adore and wish to see mimicked in your ring? Is your relationship fiery and passionate, warranting a more unconventional stone like a ruby or pink sapphire? Is it a sweet, slow-burn love that calms you and reminds you of the warm tones of rose gold?

Ask yourself questions like these, rather than the 4 C's, to ensure that the most important aspects of your life are truly reflected in the engagement ring you purchase.

Myth: The ring should cost 2-3 months’ salary

This myth was started as part of an advertising campaign by a diamond company looking to convince people to spend more money on diamonds that were, at that time, decreasing in value around the world.

The campaign was so effective that the myth has stuck around to this day, convincing unwitting consumers to spend more than they can afford on an engagement ring. However, if you ask, jewelers with your best interest at heart will tell you that you should only spend what you can actually afford and budget for reasonably.

Myth: The ring must be a surprise

It's no secret that every relationship is unique, but a commonly shared myth is that you have to surprise your significant other with an engagement ring purchase. 

An engagement ring does not have to be a surprise purchase for it to be special. Many couples choose their rings together to match styles, to budget accordingly for them together, and a whole slew of other reasons.

Don't get us wrong, if you want to surprise your significant other, then you totally should. There's nothing wrong with taking the surprise engagement route, it's been a tried and proven tradition for years. But if you do, make sure that it's because a surprise is a part of the experience that you want for yourself and your partner, not anyone else.

Myth: Only women wear engagement rings

"Man-gagement" rings, or engagement rings for men, are gaining popularity and have become a bit of a celebrity trend in the past several years. As a matter of fact, one small survey of 800 men showed that 67% of respondents were "open" to wearing engagement rings.

And why shouldn't they? Every man deserves a bit of sparkle every now and then, too.

Engagement ring shopping shouldn’t be scary

Finding an engagement ring doesn't have to be a scary, anxiety-provoking adventure into the unknown. With enough thought and consideration, you can find a ring that you love and can afford.

If you're still having trouble finding the right engagement ring for you or your significant other, then check out the expansive collection of elegant engagement rings available from stores like Diamonds Forever San Diego.

Just remember to give yourself some time and enjoy the experience.