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Sergey Taitler shares how All American Exterior Solutions is keeping in constant communication with staff during the Covid-19 pandemic

18th May 2020 Print

When it comes to reducing the risk of infection from COVID-19 during the pandemic, companies have ways to help protect their staff. While that may include working remotely or limiting exposure, there's another important weapon against the coronavirus: communication. 

With the nature of the pandemic changing almost daily, it's difficult to keep up with the latest guidelines and precautions. However, some companies, including All American Exterior Solutions in Lake Zurich, Illinois, have found ways to stay in contact with staff, according to general manager Sergey Taitler. He shares how his company is working to keep staff members informed. 

Creating a Task Force

One way that All American Exterior Solutions is ensuring employees are feeling well and are available for work when needed is by creating a COVID-19 task force during the pandemic. The goal of the task force, says Sergey Taitler, is to check in with employees to offer any support they might need while also ensuring they have extra cleaning supplies as well as protective masks if required. This also includes more focus on safety equipment and how to properly use it, he adds. 

This allows the company to keep track of its worker availability to handle roofing projects and also helps identify those who are potentially ill to keep them away from work sites. 

Informing Staff Helps Protect Customers 

Communication is more than just keeping staff safe. It’s about keeping customers safe as well as informing them about measures being taken, adds Sergey.

Companies are providing messaging to their staff to help customers that may be nervous about having people on their property remain confident. Demonstrating to customers that your business is taking all necessary precautions and staying current with information about COVID-19 goes a long way to protect both employees and those they serve. 

At the same time, responsible companies are keeping their doors (and phone lines) open to address any concerns from staff (and customers) to provide feedback. In some cases, digital communication has been relied upon more heavily to provide updates to both employees and customers, adds Sergey Taitler. 

Another approach is by leaving paperwork in mailboxes that can be safely reviewed and returned by customers. Or having customers sign documents or review quotes electronically. 

Communication at Arm's Length 

There are some other approaches that roofing contractors such as All American Exterior Solutions are following to avoid raising the risk of coronavirus. While workers may be used to traveling to a work site together, carpooling is being limited during the pandemic. That also means workers are being discouraged from convening at the office, but instead meeting at the job site.

However, due to the nature of roofing, employees can follow social/physical distancing guidelines while still keeping each other informed of project requirements. 

Final Thoughts from Sergey Taitler 

The communication and safety measures being put in place now will help protect the livelihood of staff in the future, says Sergey Taitler, who notes All American Exterior Solutions will continue to evolve and adapt best practices for the good of both its team and its clients. 

After all, by keeping everyone informed and ensuring proper safety precautions, we can overcome this crisis together.