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Top Tips for Staging a Real Estate Listing

16th August 2020 Print

When you decide to sell your home, there are home staging tips that you need to implement to ensure a quick sale. Staging is the best way to attract potential buyers and give you a bang for your buck. It may not be an easy task, and some people get intimidated when it's time to enhance the home's appearance.

The steps below will help you learn how to decorate your home to make the selling process run smoothly. 

Cleaning From Top to Bottom, and Inside And Out

Cleaning is a significant factor to consider when staging a home. No one wants to see a dirty environment as a potential home. So, clean up in and out, top and bottom to ensure you leave no dirt. If your house is big or you have a short timeline to stage the home, get your family and friends to help out. 

The foyer is the first point of contact when potential buyers come to inspect in the home. Guests spend the most time at the entrance as they get into the house. So start by cleaning up the foyer and proceed to the rest of the rooms. Follow the guidelines below for effective home cleaning.

- Ensure the doors are sparkling clean as you wipe off finger marks. 

- Inspect all corners of the walls to clear off all scuff marks starting from the top to the door bottom.

- Too much scrubbing can damage the paint, and that means you'll need to repaint.

- Clean the doormat, and if it's too old, get a new one. 

- Clean the dirt and dust on the bulbs and all lighting fixtures. 

- All floors and walls should be free from marks and dents as you remove any unused extras. 

When done with the foyer, proceed to the rest of the rooms as you clean up every corner. One of the places that the buyers focus on most is the bathroom and the kitchen. Ensure all the cabinets are clean. Clean kitchen appliances in and out dusting the refrigerators, microwave, and the oven bottom and top. 

Also, check and clean under the sink, the pipes, and all water channels and ensure you place back everything in an organized manner. Once done, clean the bathroom pipes, drains, behind the toilet, and replace all missing items. 

Clean the bedroom walls, furniture, and ensure they're sparkling clean. Proceed to clean the storage room and any other place in the home. Go to the attic, garage, and basement and follow the same cleaning procedures. 

Adjust Blinds or Switch to White LED Bulbs to Brighten the Home

Buyers love a home with bright rooms. Ensure there's enough light to give the house a glow. That's what will provide the buyer with the wow factor. There needs to be both natural and artificial lighting. When buying LED bulbs, ensure you get the right combination. Below are the light staging tips for lighting up your property. 

- Get Modern fixtures to give the buyer the impression that they'll not need to spend extra money to get modern lighting once they move home. So, remove all old fashioned fixtures. 

- Layer the lighting by installing floor lamps to spread out light in the entire space evenly. Floor lamps are suitable for old houses which don't have modern fixtures. 

- Fix up LED lights not only to brighten up the home but also for energy efficiency. Many buyers would want a home that has energy-efficient components. 

- Incorporate natural lighting by adjusting blinds, and removing any window obstructions to let in sun rays. For a better audience to the potential buyers, suggest on having the house viewed during the day. 

Another crucial consideration is to incorporate outdoor lighting to the home to give it a curb appeal. It contributes highly to the value of your home and can make or break the deal. Outdoor lighting makes the potential buyers see the house as a bright space and worth the cost. 

So, incorporate outdoor lights and ensure every corner of the house is brightened up at all times. Light up the backyard, foliage, and the façade to make the home appealing for a quick sale. 

Rearrange Furniture to Make the Home Look More Spacious

Changing your furniture position to suit the potential buyer's needs is another major factor for a quick and valuable deal. There are ways to rearrange the furniture and make the home look more significant even if the spaces are small. Most buyers get attracted to ample space, and it's also a driving force that determines the value of the home. Below are the key steps to take.

- Scale your furniture- Remove all oversize and cluttered furniture. Get a small size or well-fitting furniture to fix in the space to add square footage. 

- Replace and Rearrange- Old and unused furniture will not add any value. Consider removing and replacing with lightweight and colored furniture. 

- Identify a focal point- As you think of the best furniture arrangement, determine a focal point, and arrange the furniture around the spot to make the room orderly and eye-catchy. 

- Arrange furniture in empty rooms- If there are free spaces in the home, you can fix the furniture to add more value. The best places to figure out are the kid's playroom, the studio, and the basement. Throw in a few pillows, lights, and a TV screen to make it lively. 

Address Any Upgrades with Your Realtor

Realtors play a crucial role in home staging. They have adequate skills and also know how to navigate and get the home out of the market with a short time. They've dealt with several homeowners and buyers over the years, and they know what to do. 

Realtors have your best interest at heart, and once they do a home inspection, they'll know what parts to work on to improve the home's value. They represent your interest and will always ensure that you get back a bang for your back. Therefore, address any upgrade interest with your realtor to get the best advice and more ideas to stage your home. 

Ask Realtor About Marketing

Once done with preparing the home, it's crucial to determine ways to market it for a quick sale. It's the type of marketing you chose that will determine how well and first your home gets off the market. 

One of the best ways is to engage a direct mail company that focuses on real estate mailing, such as Wise Pelican. The company uses direct mail postcards to send out real estate postcard templates to potential buyers. It's an effective way to market your home for sale. The significant advantages of using direct mail are that it helps you create a new listing and build connections with potential buyers. 

Make the Home Valuable

Due to the high competition in the housing industry, with most homeowners finding the best ways to sell their homes, you need to work with a realtor to help you through and quicken the process. A realtor will give you the best advice for upgrading your home to meet the buyer's expectations.