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Finding community with the coliving arrangement

27th August 2020 Print

If you are aware of trends, especially in real estate, you most definitely would have heard about the corporate housing system, coliving arrangement, and a couple of other new housing trends. Regarding these new housing systems, it will be very true to say that innovation makes life better and improves its quality. For instance, the coliving space arrangement is a compromise between cost and privacy. With the coliving space, a lot of people can get to afford to live in gargantuan buildings with state of the art facilities at low-end costs. The system runs on the principle of collectivization while still maintaining individualism in the process.

Now in New York City, such new trends as the coliving system and the corporate housing arrangements are growing popular fast. The busy city that has long been the global center of commerce and innovation houses a large population of people with resources that are high-end and pricey. To ease the stress of owning or renting these scarce resources, innovations that promote collectivization and comfort in rented apartments have now become popular.

This article by on common coliving explains the good that comes with having a community to relate with and still enjoy the quietness and privacy that comes with individuality.

The Coliving System

Coliving is a build-up from the shared flat living arrangement. By way of tracing its history, it has its root in school boarding facilities. It shares the same concept as the boarding facility. It runs as an alternative to hotel services, only that here, you are open to having flatmates, roommates, or bunkmates. It allows several people to share a common space. The coliving arrangement is perfect for people who are moving into new areas or environments as a result of relocating for a new job, for a degree, working remotely, starting a new company, or getting to know a new city.

Coliving spaces are often centrally located in the best areas of NYC. They are also mostly close to public transport, and everything required to work, rest or play is provided onsite. Coliving offers beautifully designed living spaces with the hallmarks of a boutique hotel. It's fully connected to a device-focused living experience. Alongside high-speed Wi-Fi and utilities, cleaning and maintenance are also covered.

The Community Code 

One good thing about the coliving arrangement is that it offers the chance to be a part of a community whilst preserving individuality. About 99% of coliving agencies have the term 'community' as either a headline, core values, or key differentiator. It is a common externality of the coliving system.

In most cases, members who colive would usually share a common interest and grow to enjoy being around each other, understanding each other and being there for each other. In the process of getting used to each other and enjoying support from housemates, the community is being built. As a resident, you have the opportunity to contribute to well-being, personal growth, discovery, and a feeling of belonging. You will usually find those young professionals who cannot afford the luxury of big beautiful spaces to form a community in coliving spaces. Each of them benefits from being together, growing a network of sound minds. The environment in coliving spaces is also such that residents unite, wanting to learn and grow from the people they surround themselves with. They also value the positive environmental impact of sharing resources and costs to reduce waste.

Most businesses leverage on the coliving system as a result of the community effect it offers. Some buoyant companies understand that when employees live together and can build relationships outside the workplace, their productivity and teamwork are heightened. Through the feeling of a community that coliving spaces offer, they improve the unity among young employees.

Young business persons also understand that these spaces are a breeding ground for networking and building professional connections within their field and even in other industries. Since most activities are group activities, it helps them bond fast with other renters offering built-in friends upon arrival.

Asides that, it lessens the stress of stocking the house and paying attention to every single detail. Managers of the coliving space would usually take care of all those little details. From major toilet repairs to stocking the kitchen with basics like dish soap and paper towels. Coliving mates pool rents, and the management body coordinates the pooling process.

Conclusively, all of these come with living in common spaces.