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When you start dating in your 40s

15th September 2020 Print

Life can be a wonderful adventure at any age, and it can be especially great after your 40th birthday when your kids have already grown up, you have built a successful career and defined a narrow circle of friends. Sometimes, having faced a midlife crisis, a person understands that they have got everything besides personal happiness. And it is high time to fix this situation and find a soulmate with whom you can comfortably grow old and travel in retirement. It is when an active phase of a soulmate searching begins. And one shouldn’t be afraid that there no singles at this age who can become their perfect match. On the contrary, many people get divorced and start everything from scratch when they are in their 40s. Every person has their preferences and requirements toward a potential partner, and we have prepared some effective date tips for man to simplify the situation and increase your chances for success.

Choose the right time for a date

Most psychologists and coaches suggest not to prolong your first date and make it short. Choose a suitable time and do not tailor your schedule to arrange a date. At the first meeting, you shouldn’t share your entire autobiography, introduce them to your kids, or have sex. While you are communicating, try to understand their life principles, level of intelligence, and expectations. If a woman seems attractive to you, and nothing annoys you, then you can offer to meet again. When you start dating in your 40s, you should remember about courtship, good manners and use all your wisdom not to get into a trap.

Be kind and friendly

You may think that you have faced everything possible in this life, and an ordinary date is a trifle you can easily cope with. You can be mistaken, and a first date (especially after a long break) can bring stress. And usually, men worry even more than women. Therefore, there is no need to demonstrate your sharp mind and sparkling sense of humor if you want just to smile and listen to your charming interlocutor. You should decide on whether you want to continue your communication with this person or not. Adulthood is a time when you should do only things you want.

Don’t pretend to be someone else

It is high time to behave naturally and show your true self to meet your perfect match with whom you can share happiness and grow old. If you like casual or even military-style of clothes, talks about arts and skydiving, you shouldn’t hide your personality from the interlocutor. The average woman does not have psychic abilities and reacts to how you look and what you say. If you are wearing a mask, decide on how long you can wear it and what will happen when you take it off.

Choose the right strategy of communication

When you start communicating with an unfamiliar but charming woman, you want to find common ground. Therefore, you happily respond to information that brings together. For example, a woman tells you about the last book she read, a movie she watched, or a country she visited. And you immediately want to talk about your book, movie or a trip, trying to become the main speaker. However, psychologists advise you to become a good listener and talk less about yourself. If you notice common interests, you can make remarks and discuss something both of you are interested in. After the date, a woman should have a desire to continue your communication. And if you feel that time flies, and you are ready to chat for hours about different little things, you should know how to stop on time. The thirst for communication at the first stage of acquaintance should not be satisfied. Your companion should be left with a feeling of "slight hunger," and not with a sense of satiety.