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Perks of renting a business storage unit

30th September 2020 Print
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Owning your own business is no easy feat.  Business owners are accustomed to facing hurdles that may affect the flow and success of their companies. One of the prevalent issues they face is the lack of storage space for their supplies, equipment, and other valuables.  This can be a constant issue for a growing company especially if their office is unable to hold all the items they need to function smoothly. Whether it is to free up your office from unused items or add to your inventory, business storage units serve as a venue to keep your property safe and accessible. 

Another example is when your business requires travels across the country from the West all the way to the East side, so it’s best to keep all things necessary at a safe storage space close to your workplace.

One such example are large and small businesses along downtown Augusta, Maine. They can benefit from renting a business storage unit or a self-storage service that accommodates their products and meets the growing demand for supplies as their company expands. Getting storage units Augusta Maine-based can provide the extra space, work as a remote storage near your office and even serve as a temporary storage unit for businesses who require their goods to be transferred across the country. 

To help we have listed below the perks of renting a business storage unit to sustain your company for years to come.

Adaptability and convenience

Seeking the service of a storage unit provider near your business will not only be convenient for you and your team but it will provide easy access to your goods despite the size of your company. The best storage unit providers offer their own transport services that can collect and return customer merchandise and office supplies. Look into flexible contracts that can adapt to your business needs, by allowing monthly payments and quick terminations, so you have the assurance that you are able to rent the space based on your business terms.  

Keep it organized

The key to a successful business is to keep stocks, paperwork, and office supplies organized. In time this can accumulate and become unwanted clutter and can fill up valuable workspace. A recent study claims an average American can spend two and a half days each year looking for lost items, causing a $2.7 billion loss in U.S. households. A good storage facility can hold all your business files, stationeries, merchandise, and other documents that are not needed every day, but can be easily accessible in future operations. This will save time, keep your office looking neat and clean and is an effective way to maximize your space.

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Safety first

Business storage units minimize the risk of loss, damage, and theft linked to moving goods periodically. Fragile items are not prone to the prospect of being broken or at risk from wear and tear from frequent handling.  The most reputable self-storage companies provide around the clock protection, often installing CCTV cameras and security personnel to keep your items safe. If your merchandise is perishable, seek temperature regulated units that can keep your goods fresh and protected from molds, insects, and the changes in weather.

Broadening business opportunities

A thriving business means a larger income and a need for more workspace. The benefit of having a secured business storage unit will save you the extra cost of having to search for an extra office.  As a business owner, saving money is a great advantage. The monthly cost to rent a storage unit will be cheaper than acquiring a large warehouse or renting a commercial space. It will also save your company any additional costs for manpower, electricity, and other amenities.

A chronicle of progress

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Self-storage units are an effective way to store essential documents that your company needs from the day you first opened your business. Storing everything digitally may be convenient space-wise but it is still putting your company at a higher risk of security hacks. Keeping a hard copy of files and an archive of your customer information, tax documents, and other important files can accumulate a lot of office space. Renting your own storage unit will not only keep a chronicle of your business organized and easily accessible but secure with insurance coverage to keep your valuables safe from any untoward incidents.

An effective space for transitions

A growing business is always susceptible to change. It may be a move to a new office building, remodeling projects, or relocating to a new state. All businesses undergo transitions at some point and will need a temporary storage space to transfer the contents of the office which can include equipment, supplies, and bulky furniture such as desks, tables, and chairs. Renting a storage unit is a cost-effective solution as your business undergoes a new transition phase.   

In closing

A business storage unit is helpful for any growing business. It will benefit your company by providing extra space and keeping your inventory of stocks and valuables securely. Seek the service of a reputable business storage service provider that can be trusted, take the time to check their amenities, and the special deals that they offer.  Agree on a contract that best fits your business needs and the assurance that your possessions will be secured for the duration of your lease. 

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