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If you're looking to sell your house fast - these tips will help

4th October 2020 Print

In the age of uncertainty, selling your house quickly is imperative to achieving the price you want. What happens if you can’t actually achieve your target? To get the price you want you’ll need to commit to some home improvements. What exactly will help you improve the offer you can get? House Buy Fast have produced a list of 57 actionable tips that will help you sell your house fast.

Top Tips to Achieve a Quick House Sale 

If you have any outside space you’ll need to think about making the property look attractive and presentable. Potential buyers see the garden as an extension of the home.

Here’s what we suggest to improve the garden;

- Mow the lawn – Think of garden grass much like hair, unkempt and messy can make it look less attractive. Giving the garden a quick trim can have it looking neat and once again attractive to potential home buyers. 

- Hide the bins – If you have any viewings planned, make sure you hide your bins!

- People like privacy – If you have an overlooked garden consider putting up fencing or hedges to give you a more secrecy! 

Here’s what we suggest improving on the outside of the property;

- Clean your windows – No one likes dirty windows. You can’t see out and you can’t see in. Clean away the layer of dirt and make sure you keep an eye out for any mould build up!

- Install a light on the front of your property – Especially in the winter months as it gets darker earlier and earlier you’ll want to make the front of the property warm and inviting.

Presentation inside the home is equally as important as the outside.

Here’s what we suggest on staging a property;

- Tidy up – This should go without saying, if you’re selling the property and want a quick house sale you’ll need to make great first impressions.

- Make the house smell good – No one likes a home that stinks of stale food, animals or cigarettes! Make sure you cover the smell with opening all your windows to air out and burn some scented candles.

- De-clutter your home – Throw away all unnecessary stuff in the property or find somewhere to store it. This will make the rooms feel bigger but will also help prospective buyers visualise themselves in the property.

This is just a preview of what you can do when preparing your home for staging if you want to achieve a quick sale. There are many actionable things you can do and luckily there are many resources out there that will help you achieve the price you want.